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Employee Development

Learn. Develop. Grow.

Education is central at FONA, Ensuring employees stay up-to-date in their chosen fields, develop new skills and become more well-rounded both personally and professionally is part of FONA’s commitment to employees, customers and stakeholders.

40 Hours of Continuing Education

Education is so important at FONA, that leadership grants everyone the opportunity to enjoy 40 hours of continuing education each year. Types of education include internal training, external seminars, industry conferences, and more, all focusing on areas of interest to the employee and related to the employee’s professional development.

Tuition Reimbursement

To encourages learning both within an employee’s career path and beyond, FONA provides $500 per semester in tuition reimbursement for employees and their dependents for college coursework. Classes do not need to be related to an employee’s career field.

Education Expense Reimbursement Program

FONA seeks to motivate excellent coursework and learning at accredited educational institutions through this program, which is provided to full-time employees who have successfully completed 12 months of continued employment. Undergraduate, graduate and certifications are eligible, but must be related to the employee’s present or possible future work with FONA. Reimbursement covers tuition, registration fees and laboratory fees.

Management Development Program

This program supports the organization’s succession planning strategy through the development of leadership and management competencies in high potential employees who are committed, willing, able and growing and future potentials. This program focuses on helping participants master a wide range of leadership and managerial skills necessary for successful performance in a FONA management role. The ideal candidate for this program is a high potential employee who demonstrates management qualities and is committed to a leadership career at FONA.

University of Illinois — Chicago, Certificate in Business

FONA employees are encouraged to apply each spring and fall to complete their intensive 8-week course. This program is a long-standing tradition among FONA employees.