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FONA Culture

We dare to be different.

FONA stands apart in the flavor industry — and in the business world — for its culture of openness, excellence and dedication to customers, employees and stakeholders. We also have a lot of fun with annual events that bring everyone together — usually around a large plate of food.


Excellence — not perfection — is the standard at FONA. Perfection, while sometimes obtainable, isn’t duplicatable. Striving for excellence keeps you challenged, motivated, curious and growing. And it isn’t failure that is to be feared — it’s mediocrity and complacency. You can learn a great deal when things don’t work out, but it’s when you stop dedicating yourself to improvement and higher standards that the trouble comes.

Openness and Honesty

Successful business relationships are built on trust and honesty. This is visible in our open collaboration with customers and the strong connections we build with them while sharing ideas, needs and methods. In the often closed-off flavor industry, this approach makes FONA stand proudly apart.


In business and in life, one key to maintaining a commitment to excellence is the desire to learn and develop. FONA employees are required to complete 40 hours of job-related training each year. This ensures everyone stays up-to-date on the latest technologies, business practices and skills needed to deliver the incomparable quality, service and reliability FONA is known for. Our dedication to education is also evident through our renowned Flavor University program, where FONA experts share their knowledge in tuition-free classes for food and beverage professionals.


One of FONA’s founding beliefs is that success comes from cooperation and collaboration. People from across departments work together to complete projects and solve challenges — that’s part of the FONA Advantage we deliver our customers. Whether you wear a suit, lab coat or hard hat, you’re valued and respected in FONA’s atmosphere of inclusion and equality.


Hear it straight from FONA employees!

Becky Sells
Applications Scientist, Grain

"Joe cares about and connects with employees both professionally and personally. He knows and remembers our families and interests. After several conversations we have had, he has returned to my desk with books, videos and information on family entertainment, sharing experiences that he has had."

Tracy Cesario
Director Corporate Communications

“I’ve always loved the FONA tradition of decorating the Christmas trees in the building after Thanksgiving. It reminds me that this really is my second family — how appropriate to decorate a tree with them"

Rigo Magana
Junior Technologist

"The tradition of Cinco de Mayo at FONA is one of my favorites. This is the day where all the Hispanic-Latino people here have the opportunity to express our gratitude and thankfulness to the FONA family with our very own cooked food dishes."