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Global Reach

Four blocks or fourteen time zones — FONA goes the distance.

Today’s mobile, connected world calls for companies to be nimble and flexible. FONA has the ability — and desire — to connect with you around the globe. Our locations in the U.S., Canada, UK, Australia, India and China help bring our flavor solutions to your door, but we are not confined by bricks and mortar. We are free to be wherever you need us, whenever you need us.

No matter your needs, no matter your location, partner with FONA and consider it done.

Dawn Lasota, Supply Chain

“Our knowledge of international markets and trends helps you create a genuine competitive advantage throughout a diversified, sustainable, responsibly-sourced supply network.”

Menzie Clarke, Flavor Creation

“Our team of flavorists has a global perspective of flavor and will work with you to develop profiles to meet local consumer preferences.”

Lisa Cummins, Regulatory

“I’m here to help prepare your flavor for a trip around the world! Our global regulatory expertise will keep you up-to-date and a step ahead.”