FONA’s Biggest Losers

March 27, 2012
Congratulations to FONA’s Biggest Losers!

55 FONA employees kicked the year off by committing to 13 weeks of hard work: they signed up for FONA’s annual Biggest Loser competition.

As you walk through the halls you can hear them talking about their lunch choices and their workout plans, encouraging their teammates and talking to our personal trainer. Come 5 p.m., a swarm of people descend on the fitness center with various activities in mind: running, weight lifting, yoga, power plates… the list goes on!

With all of this hard work (and sweat!), this amazing group has lost a total of 210 pounds so far this year! Several competitors have made lasting lifestyle changes and will continue their new habits after the competition ends.

Congratulations to everyone who is participating. Your dedication is inspiring!