Walk for the Community!

July 6, 2012
Earn prizes, get in a workout, and donate money to charity? Sounds like a winning combination!

During the month of May, 23 FONA International employees actively tracked each step they took as part of FONA’s 4th Annual Walk-A-Thon. The general goal was to exceed 10,000 steps per day, which is the recommended number of steps that a healthy adult should take in a day. Not only was this an opportunity to be active, but each step contributed to one of two local charities – Northern Illinois Food Bank or Fox Valley Volunteer Hospice. But that wasn’t all; employees competed for one of five prizes as well.

The event sparked competitions throughout the building as business units challenged each other for the most steps taken. The local walking trails were a popular lunchtime spot during the walk-a-thon and many FONA employees could be seen walking up and down Averill Road as well. Daily runs increased the totals for many employees, some of whom get to know about how many steps they took per mile.

At the end of the month, a total of 6,726,687 steps had been taken! That’s an average of 9,748 steps per day, per employee.

Congratulations to the individuals with the highest daily averages, ranging from 12,252 to 16,731 steps per day. What a great way to stay healthy!

FONA is thrilled to be able to support the local community while encouraging employees to be active.