When summer brings toasty-hot temperatures, beverage companies make lemonade!

July 16, 2012
Beverage Flavor Ingredients
Summer 2012 is in full swing with record-setting temperatures! Time to find a shady spot and pour a tall a glass of lemonade. And this summer, you won’t have to look far to find a lemonade beverage to cool you down. It is always a popular summer favorite, but this season it is absolutely everywhere!

This classic summer flavor appears as a top seasonal product entry with launches in a variety of beverage categories. We are seeing it combined with new sweeteners designed to reduce sugar and calories, and in new hybrid beverages that mix lemonade with other flavors. We’re also seeing growth in alcoholic lemonade-flavored products. For example, in the RTD tea segment most branded lines now carry a 50/50 tea and lemonade mix as a standard part of their year-round product lines. Now, these lemonade and tea flavors have crossed over into the alcohol category with product launches to quench summer thirsts.

Flavor malt beverages have incorporated a combination of lemonade and tea flavors into some of their hottest new summer entries, such as Arnold Palmer Hard from the Arizona Beverage Company and ULTRA 19th Hole under the Michelob Ultra brand from Anheuser Busch. Distilled spirits have been riding the popularity of lemon and citrus for quite some time, and sales remain strong. These flavors are now category staples, with new mixed beverages and aperitifs emerging that utilize lemon and lemonade as their inspiration. Smirnoff, already known for their citrus-inspired flavored vodkas, introduced a pre-mixed summer cocktail of Limoncello, lemon and vodka called Tuscan Lemonade. It is now on the shelves year-round and highlighted each year when summer rolls around.

Keep your eyes open next time you stroll down the beverage aisle for these and other refreshing lemonade-flavored beverages to keep you cool this summer — Cheers!