My Internship in the FONA Beverage Lab

August 28, 2012
The past few months have once again flown by as I have spent a second summer working as an intern at FONA International. For me, my experiences this summer have contributed to yet another year as a member of the “FONA family”! My father is a fifteen year employee and all three of my older siblings have had the opportunity to work here as interns during their college years. Though I have heard many great things about their work experiences, I can now speak for myself when I say that I love my job.

Not many people my age are lucky enough to have an internship where they not only are able to learn new skills, get experience in a real-life work setting, and most importantly enjoy what they do.

For two summers now, and also a week during my winter break, I have been working with the Beverage Team as an Applications intern. I have learned everything from pulling and screening flavors, to creating matches for popular product flavors, to shipping out prototypes. Not having much experience in the food science industry before this internship, I can definitely say that what I have learned here at FONA has been very interesting and it has made me think twice about my future career plans.

Even though I am currently an education major at Arizona State University, I feel extremely privileged to be given such a great opportunity to experience, for multiple summers, what it would be like to choose a different career path and to get the feel for what it will be like working as a full time employee in the future.

In addition to the many skills I have acquired working in the lab, I have also been able to improve my social skills and learn how to best contribute to a work team. It’s been very valuable learning about all the different components that go into reaching success as a whole company.

My internship at FONA has been a wonderful opportunity that I could not be more thankful for. I get the chance to further my work experiences and, more than that, I have had the privilege to work with some of the most hard working and amazing people that I have ever met.

Anyone could ask my family or friends to vouch for what I say now because, based on stories I have shared with them about the many fun days I have had here at FONA, they too know I have enjoyed my time here very much!