My Internship with FONA HR

September 11, 2012
This summer I was the Human Resources Intern at FONA. Through this internship, I was able to gain valuable experience by phone screening candidates, supporting the switch board, helping to coordinate the 101 Best and Brightest Award panel, and working on various other HR projects.

The best aspect of the internship program was the ability to grow and learn from all the FONA employees who were willing to take their time to teach me. The “Intern Lunch and Learns” were great opportunities to ask questions and learn about the different career paths at FONA.

The most memorable experiences of the summer were volunteering at the NIFB and Riverwoods. I really enjoyed being able to work with the interns and give back to the community. There is nothing like the rewarding feeling of contributing my time to others! This internship will always be one I will fondly remember. It has offered me the opportunity to enhance my HR skills as I move forward and graduate this year.

If there was one takeaway from my internship, it would be trying to live up to the FONA standard of always having a relentless pursuit of excellence. Throughout my career, I will continue to strive for excellence and will always remember that my career started at FONA International.

Thank you all for making this summer a wonderful experience!