One last look at summer flavors

October 3, 2012
Fall is here and it brings a new season of foods and flavors. But, let’s take one more look at summer and the inventive flavors and artery-clogging decadence of the state fair. Because, really, you can never talk too much about deep-fried Twinkies and bacon, right?

As a child I looked forward to the fair every year for the rides, the games — and maybe a funnel cake if I was lucky.  But as an adult, food has taken center stage and is the highlight of my trip to the fair!  It is kind of amazing how the foods have evolved over the years, and state fairs can actually be places where food trends are born.  (Granted, usually only the high fat, calorie-loaded, bad for you food trends….but, still.)

State fair flavors can inspire home cooks, restaurant chefs and product developers alike. One item I saw people lining up for was battered and deep-fried bacon with dipping sauce. Judging by the state fair food offerings, the bacon craze is showing no signs of slowing down. Another food item starring bacon that had fair-goers forking over their cash was deep-fried, bacon-wrapped tater tots on a stick. That one really deserves exclamation points after it for its creativity (and calorie count!).

I also noticed red velvet funnel cake with cream cheese drizzle.  Red velvet is quite popular today — just do a Pinterest search and look at all of the recipes for everything from red velvet pancakes to red velvet cocktails.

Now it’s on to fall activities like visiting a pumpkin patch and exploring new flavors like apple cider!