Thoughts From a Girl With a Sweet Tooth - #2

February 6, 2013
Flavor Ingredients Trends
Listening to the radio the other night the announcer was talking about “the smart phone of the future.”  “In 2015, smart phones will have all five senses," the announcer said.  "If your smart phone could do anything what would it do?”

Zipping down I-88 I thought, “What if the phone of the future could taste food for me?”  I could take a picture of a dish in a restaurant as I walked by the table, and my phone could “taste” the food.   Then, my phone would tell me to order the dish or recommend something else based on the menu.

Taking the “tasting phone” a step further, it could come in quite helpful in a chocolate boutique.  High-end chocolate shops are popping up in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.  One of my favorite places is Anna Shea Chocolates.  These chocolates are works of art that are almost too beautiful to eat (almost).  They offer unique flavor combinations that challenge the traditional tastes.

However, I’m overwhelmed with choices whenever I approach their display.  **insert smart phone tasting application here **  I imagine myself snapping a picture of the beautifully crafted chocolate display, and my phone “recommending” a sampling of four chocolates that best suit my taste preferences, stated below:

White chocolate ganache bursting with the sweet and tangy flavor of passion fruit

White chocolate ganache infused with high quality sencha green tea


Dark chocolate shell filled with marzipan based pistachio cream, a hint of amaretto, sea salt and a whole pistachio

A combination of sweet, creamy caramel and 12 year old balsamic vinegar with notes of cedar, dried fruits and cherries

My phone might read: “Jenna, today you might like these flavors. Passion: a great balance of tart tropical passion fruit and sweet creamy white chocolate.  Haiku: for the tea lover in you.  Emeraude: a well-balanced dark chocolate with a sweet, toasted almond filling and a dash of salt.  Aged Balsamic Caramel: buttery caramel infused with a savory-sweet balsamic.”  But, until the tasting smart phone of the future is unveiled, I’ll just have to try them all! 

Thank you Anna Shea Chocolates for such delicious works of art!