Creating Passionate Followings #2 - The Cliffhanger

June 3, 2013
Flavor Trends
From the golden age of radio to the height of the daytime soap cliffhanger or serial type programming has been a huge part of our experience. Even now, the serial drama is king. The TV show “24” for example, was truly innovative in serialized story telling. In fact, since 2000, every winner of the Emmy for Outstanding Drama, including “24” in 2006, has been a serial show. We follow the stories, finding satisfaction in each piece, but always anticipating what is next.

Star Wars gave us the same in motion pictures. Now hot in books and movies… Twilight, The Hunger Games, 50 Shades. Everyone finishing one and waiting obsessively for the next. Talk about creating passionate followings!

So what if confections manufacturers offered a serialized story in their release and rotation of new products. Can the product tell a compelling story over time? How can each offering create anticipation for the next? The power of the cliffhanger is a traditional idea being reinvented everyday. It is a trend to watch and one I foresee on the innovation hit list throughout our industry.