Toast the New Year with RumChata!

January 3, 2014
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The holidays came and went, along with my appetite for cookies and other junk foods. But of all the traditions and annual festivities shared amongst family and friends there was a delicious, recurring theme… the RumChata phenomenon.

I’ve known about the creamy liqueur that mimics the Mexican drink Horchata for quite some time now, but as of recent, the name seems to roll off everyone’s tongues in a sweet song of excitement.

The dreary winter months don’t have to hinder spirits as the mention of Rumchata on its way can keep moods elevated. But why? What makes this rum stand out above all others? Maybe because the dairy cream is fresh from Wisconsin and homogenized with the most fitting rum to make a delicate enough taste to mask any alcohol off notes. It is then mixed with a concoction of secret flavors and spices to not only deliver on buttery, cinnamon and vanilla notes, but also give as rich, fatty, robust, yet smooth impact that warms the body and soul. Looking for a drink to warm up to this winter? Cozy up with this recipe:

1 cup hot apple cider
1 oz Pinnacle Caramel Apple vodka
1 oz Rumchata

Combine cider, vodka and Rumchata in a cocktail shaker.  Shake and strain into a glass.  You could also rim the glass with caramel, cinnamon & sugar, or both!

If you’re interested in trying this flavor, but perhaps not in this particular drink, a quick Google search will turn up a variety of recipes that combine the warm vanilla, cinnamon and rum flavors of RumChata with ingredients such as pumpkin, coffee, espresso, peanut butter and banana to create everything from French toast and milk shakes to cream cheese frosting and  cheesecake. Enjoy!