Dessert Tour Part Three: New Twists on Classic Desserts

June 2, 2014
Dessert Flavor Ingredients Trends

Pamela and I selected a variety of trendy restaurants and shops in Chicago to explore and scout their sweet flavor combinations, menu items and unique creations. We wanted a first-hand look at dessert trends and flavors, and we were not disappointed!

During our tour, we noticed five clear trends:

3. Twist on the Classics

4. Local/Sustainability

5. Simplicity

This report looks at #3: Twist on the Classics. You can follow the links above to read earlier reports in the series.


Classic flavors provide people with a sense of security because they know what to expect. Now, when they want to step out and try something new, a flavor or dish that builds on a classic can provide enough security to persuade them to take the plunge. Twists also bring new life and interest to offerings that perhaps are a bit tired or just don’t jump off the menu at customers because they’ve seen it so many times before. Adding a twist can elevate it from ordinary to interesting.
OUT ON THE TOWN: Highlights From Our Sweet Adventure

These were menu items we saw that took classic desserts like pumpkin pie and then shook them up a bit, adding character and flavor interest.

Sweet Mandy B's

- Pumpkin Pie with Meringue: Food & Wine features their version of this dessert on their website and calls the meringue topping a “retro yet elegant” twist to a classic.

- Snickerdoodle Cake: This past winter introduced readers to snickerdoodle cake in an article on family recipes. The author, Rebecca Orchant, explains why the humble, tried-and-true snickerdoodle causes great hub-bub in her family, bringing grown men to their knees. It’s not the classic cookie you’re imagining, dear reader: “This snickerdoodle is a cakeSnickerdoodle cake.”

Pumpkin Cabinet Pudding (bread pudding with yellow cake and pumpkin): We were made at Sweet Mandy B’s by Applications Technologist Jenna Grigalauski from FONA’s Confections team. She ordered the pudding — they were pulling a fresh batch from the oven right before our eyes — and was so smitten with the flavors and textures, she went home and baked her own!

Mindy's Hot Chocolate

- Brioche Doughnuts with Hot Fudge and Caramel Corn: This creation is a combination of classics, put together to create a sweet, salty, warm and chocolaty temptation that surely isn’t your typical doughnut.  

- Taffy Apple: Granny Smith apple frozen nougat, cider caramelized apples, cornnut poppycock, cider consommé: This one is interesting, as the traditional taffy apple has been deconstructed — and rebuilt with decidedly more upscale elements — creating an entirely new way to think about the classic apple treat from your childhood. 

Katherine Annes Confections

- Peanut Butter, Banana, Bacon Truffle (the “Fat Elvis!”): PB, banana and bacon make for an Elvis-favorite sandwich we’re all familiar with, but what if those flavors were in a truffle? Deliciousness, that’s what.  
- Bourbon and Ginger Caramel: Classic caramel gets all sorts of flavor twists at Katherine Anne, including bourbon & ginger and rosemary & sea salt, as well as their new 7 Layer Bar caramel containing cacao nibs, graham streusel, toasted coconut and peanut butter.

Katherine Anne Confections Spring Season Flavors

- Truffles: Fig Newton, Margarita, Lemon

- Caramels: 7 Layer Bar

- Marshmallows: Pink Lemonade, Lady Grey (tea)

For more menu and flavor inspiration - click below to check out a few of the places we visited on
our tour!

Stay tuned for the next dessert series report on local/sustainability!



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