10 Things You Should Know - a look at trends, flavors & ingredients

August 25, 2014
Flavor Ingredients Summer Trends

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1. Interesting Ice Cream Flavors
Blueberry Sweet Corn, Fried Chicken & Waffles, Mango Saffron and Spicy Pineapple Cilantro are just a few of the unique, sweet-meets-savory flavors made by Cool Haus Ice Cream. | Eatcoolhaus.com

2. Avocado Honey
Bloom Honey 100% Pure Raw Honey is produced from single-origin honey varietals that each have their own unique flavor and color. Bees are transferred across the country to ensure nectar is harvested from local floral varieties. Flavors in the honey line include Wild Cherry and Mesquite and Avocado which made in the avocado groves of Ventura County, California. | Bloomhoney.com

3. A Variety of Melons
Which melon variety is most applicable for your flavor application? Sharlyn have a subtle, pineapple flavor with floral notes and pair well with tangy ingredients. Charentais are highly fragrant with musky notes. Crenshaw are juicy and have peppery notes when fully ripe. Sprite have notes of watermelon, honeydew and pear. Galia have a sweet banana flavor and pair best with summer fruits. | Martha Stewart 

4. Choose a Summer Craft Beer
Five summer craft beers to quench your thirst: Goose Island 312 Urban Wheat Ale, Stiegl Grapefruit Radler, Boulevard Brewing Co. Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale, White Birch Brewing Berliner Weisse, Shock Top Belgian White.  | Women’s Health

5. Bars
Bars are the #1 snack category in North America with over 3,000 new products launched within the past five years. Chocolate, peanut butter, almond, peanut and strawberry are the top 5 flavors. | Mintel

6. Beets Are In Seaason
Beets are in season and have been spotted on Pinterest in a variety of recipes this month: Beet Chips, Beet Hummus, Ricotta & Beet Grilled Cheese, Ginger Beet Juice, Cherry & Beet Smoothie, Roasted Beet & Orange Salad and even Dark Chocolate Beet Brownies!

7. Health Benefits Under the Sea
Thanks to seaweed’s antioxidant-rich compounds, research from the University of Florida shows it can help with weight management. Consuming a daily serving of seaweed can increase vitamins, fiber and minerals without adding extra amounts of iodine. Try this new, all-natural market product launched in April: Ocean’s Halo Sea Salt Seaweed Chips.  | Clean Eating
8. Korean Flavor

An interesting, Korean-inspired flavor combination: Jackfruit & Kimchi. Vegetarian Times magazine features Jackfruit Bulgogi & Kimchi Tacos including brined jackfruit, kimchi juice, teriyaki sauce, green onions and sesame oil, served in warm tortillas.

9. Natural

59% of consumers look for a 100% Natural Product label when grocery shopping, according to the Consumer Reports National Research Center. And more than 75% attribute specific meanings to the claim including no artificial ingredients or GMOs. 

10. Clean Snacks

Clean Eating’s top 5 Clean Snacks: Lundberg Organic Sweet Chili Rice Cakes, Blue Monkey Wasabi Coconut Chips, Earth Balance Vegan Buttery Flavor Popcorn, Bare Fruit Organic Cinnamon Apple Chips and Navitas Naturals 3 Berry Cacao Nib Cashew Trail Mix which contains a unique blend of goji berries, mulberries, cacao nibs, golden berries and cashews.

Download the August edition of 10 Things You Should Know!



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