Vitamins & Supplements

September 8, 2014
Flavor Ingredients Trends

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Expanding Forms & Flavors

Sales of vitamins and supplements continue to increase as consumers use them to promote and maintain their good health. During the past 5 years, retail sales in the U.S. have climbed by more than 20%, with bright prospects for the years ahead as well.

To stimulate market growth, manufacturers have expanded their offerings to include new forms and flavors which enhance consumer appeal, attract new users and differentiate their brands from vitamin/supplement “commodities.” Although the majority of vitamins and supplements are taken in forms that are swallowed, the market shares of traditional tablets and capsules have declined in recent years. Other forms are being launched in greater numbers, especially chewable tablets, gummies and soft chews. In addition, new introductions of fish oil supplements have increased, often in gelcaps that may also include flavors to increase consumer acceptance.


Gummies have made a strong crossover from confections into healthcare, with a wide variety of flavors, shapes and colors.

What started as a way to encourage kids to take their vitamins has expanded greatly to a wide range of products appealing to

their older siblings, Millennials, parents, grandparents, and “kids of all ages.”

All of the leading brands and many private labels are active in the gummies segment, especially in multivitamins. In addition

to multivitamins for adults, differentiated versions for women and men are now found under the VitaCraves and Vitafusion brands, as well as some private labels such as CVS. Most have gummies with assorted flavors in each package, such as orange, berry, lemon and cherry. The VitaCraves® and Vitafusion® brands also offer sour gummies multivitamins in assorted flavors, such as apple, cherry, citrus and berry.
Children's Vitamins

Gummy vitamins for children have also become more specialized with the L’il Critters, Flintstones and Airborne brands offering different versions with added vitamin C, calcium, fiber, omega-3s and immunity support. Additionally, Flintstones now offers a version for two- and three-year-old toddlers. Children’s products usually come in assorted shapes and flavors such as orange, cherry, and berry, as well as sour assortments with sour apple and sour cherry flavors.
Specialized Vitamins & Supplements 

The popularity of gummies now extends far beyond multivitamins and into many specialized versions of vitamins and supplements. Many of the major brands and private labels offer flavored gummies with added calcium, fiber, fish oil, immune complexes, veggies, etc. The most popular flavors include orange, cherry, berry, lemon, grape and assorted fruits.

Soft Chews

Further differentiation in chewables beyond gummies has come in the form of soft chews. For example, Centrum Flavor Burst Chews have a chewy center inside a candy-like shell, with tropical, grape and assorted fruit flavors. Bioglan Kids Smart burstlets are chewables shaped like fish or soccer balls, semi-soft on the outside with a flavored liquid bursting from the inside. LiveWire energy chews melt in your mouth in less than a minute, with flavors such as cinnamon fire, sour apple, pomaberry, and mint chocolate.
New Product Forms

Marketers of vitamins and supplements continue adapting other product forms that have been successful in confections, especially for kids. Lollipops fortified with vitamins are offered by Walgreens and others. Soothie Suckers are freezable pops supplemented with herbs for nasal and immune support. AlternaVites Kids are small packets of crystals that quickly melt in the mouth, with bubble gum and cotton candy flavors. And Nutrilite Kids MultiPops take the experience even further, with packets of grape-flavored crystals that pop and fizz in the mouth.

Popular Flavors

New and improved vitamins and supplements have come in many flavors during the past five years in the U.S.
However, about 75% of the launches have been focused on the top 10 flavors.
1. Orange
2. Berry
3. Fruit
4. Chocolate
5. Lemon
6. Strawberry
7. Cherry
8. Vanilla
9. Grape
10. Raspberry



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