10 Things You Should Know: September

September 28, 2015
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1. Where There’s Smoke....There’s Dinner.

We’re pretty sure chefs this year were in on a big game of “Can You Smoke It?” Here’s a look at some of the more surprising smoked items on menus: Ikura roe at Crane and Turtle in Washington, D.C. / Whipped cream at Rebelle in NYC / Lardo at Cadet in Santa Monica, CA / Olives at Damn the Weather in Seattle / Curds at Gardner in Austin / Corn at Loco Taqueria in Boston / Collard Greens at The Grey in Savannah / Butter at Heyday in Minneapolis / Mashed Potatoes at Semilla in NYC. | Huffington Post


2. Some Like It Hot!

Sriracha is leading the way in new spicy flavored products with a 46% increase in new products from 2014-August 2015. We are spotting sriracha just about everywhere. From sauces, snacks, frozen meals and even chocolate—consumers that love heat will not be disappointed. | Mintel


3. Where's the Beet?

Vegetables are no stranger to the spotlight these days. The latest MVP? The humble beet, which we are spotting in recipes like a tahnini-beet dip, South Indian Beet Stir-Fry and shredded beets in salads. | Huffington Post


4. Cereal Bar

New York has its first dedicated cereal bar. A small white-tiled alcove just inside the renovated Kith clothing and sneaker store in Brooklyn has 24 brand-name cold cereal varieties, with toppings. The cereals come packaged in single-serving Mylar bags that fit into small shoe boxes, from which the cereal can be eaten. Milk, coffee and cereal-flavored soft-serve are also sold. Mr. Fieg says he has been obsessed with cereals since he was a teenager, mainly because he was not allowed to have sweet ones. |The New York Times


5. Chewable Coffee

Who needs to drink coffee when you can chew it? The founders of Nootrobox are planning their next venture: caffeine-filled chewable gummies called Go Cubes. The oneinch cubes are made with real coffee with no risk of spillage or burning your mouth. | Food Republic


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6. Healthy Ice Cream

That actually tastes like ice cream. At only 240 calories for the entire pint, Halo Top ice cream is low-calorie, high-protein and low sugar. They use all-natural ingredients and the texture lands somewhere between frozen custard and old-school ice milk. |Cooking Light & Halotop.com

7. Skinny Indulgence

According to Mintel, 2/3 of US cookie buyers consider health related attributes in their purchase decision. Oreo recently introduced Oreo Thins, targeting consumers who are looking for a little healthy indulgence with a familiar taste.


8. Trick-or-Treat

900 million pounds of Halloween candy is sold in the U.S. every year. What treats will you be purchasing for trick-or-treaters this year? | Eating Well


9. Avocado & Cocoa

Which may sound like an unlikely flavor pairing, but is actually a good one! According to Carolyn Scott-Hamilton of The Healthy Voyager’s Cooking Show, avocado’s ideal pairing is cocoa: the acidity in the cocoa helps soften the avocado’s texture so it’s even more buttery and smooth, while the richness of the avocado brings out the chocolaty flavor of the cocoa and cuts down any bitterness.


10. Meet Your Matcha

The latest buzz in dessert comes from powdered green-tea goodness. Bon Appetit is touting new ways to use matcha in desserts. Recipes include: Matcha Doughnuts with options for a matcha sugar topping, matcha glaze and sweet matcha powdered sugar.  


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