10 Things You Should Know: December

December 21, 2015
Beverage Dessert Ingredients Trends
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1. Swigging on Switchels

Made with apple cider vinegar, ginger and a sweetener, “switchels” are seeing a revival with startup brands bottling the colonial era-beverages. A Vermont company called Up Mountain Switchel describes its drink as an “American heritage beverage” made with roots, fruits and sap. CideRoad Organic Switchel, Mendham, N.J., makes a line of U.S.D.A.-approved organic, maple syrup-sweetened drinks in original, blueberry, and cherry flavors. | Food Business News

2. Taco Tuesday

Americans are loco for tacos. The south-of-the-border staple grew 22% on menus between 2012 and 2015, resulting in a 5% increase in Mexican cuisine during that time span. | Mintel

3. Local is Still Hot

The local foods segment was valued at $11.7 billion in sales in 2014 and is expected to increase to $20.2 billion by 2019, according to a new report from Packaged Facts. "Nearly half of people surveyed said they are willing to pay up to 10% more for locally grown or produced foods, and almost one in three said they are willing to pay up to 25% more," Fortune reported.

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4. Ice Cream Sandwiches

The Ice Cream Sandwich chain Coolhaus has introduced a line inspired by Jewish delicatessen, including the Reuben, made by combining a Marbled Rye cookie (chocolate and vanilla whoopee-pie style cookie with caraway seeds) and pastrami ice cream, which is made with an ice cream base containing a savory “special sauce” by boutique ketchup manufacturer Sir Kensington spun with caramelized pastrami.| Nation’s Restaurant News

5. Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire

Smoke and fire are showing up everywhere on the menu: in charred or roasted vegetable sides; in desserts with charred fruits or burnt-sugar toppings; in cocktails featuring smoked salt, smoked ice or smoky syrups. According to Mintel, there has been a 74% increase in smoke flavored food and beverage items from 2014-2015 in North America.

6. Sprouted Grains

Sprouted grains are a new concept to most Americans, but they may be the next big trend in baking and snack foods. There has been a 107% increase in sprouted new product introductions from 2014-20105 in North America. New products include everything from breads, cereals, crackers and snack bars. | Food and Nutrition & Mintel

7. Pouches for your Pooch

Convenience has been taken to a whole new level with Purina’s Beyond Natural Purees—they are pouches with human-grade ingredients plus vitamins, zinc or prebiotic fiber. The purees are said to coat, not soak your dog’s dry food, to create an enhanced meal experience.

8. Turmeric Turning Up

Moving beyond curries and coloring foods, turmeric has been spotted in all sorts of new product introductions. From ginger ale flavored with passion fruit and turmeric, Matcha lattes with Hawaiian golden turmeric to collard greens & turmeric potatoes—the options are endless!

9. Hot Honey

Sweet-heat condiments like the Bees Knees Spicy Honey are taking ordinary dishes to a whole new level. This honey is a wildflower honey from a family run apiary in the Hudson Valley that is infused with a mix of chili peppers for the perfect balance of sweet and spicy—it is just honey and chili peppers.

10. Hemp

According to Jourdan Samel, the co-founder of Hemp health, “hemp is ready for prime time.”  It may not have hit prime time yet, but it’s only a matter of time before hemp is as big as chia in the US food and beverage market. There has been a 140% increase in hemp flavored food and beverage items from 2014-2014 in North America. New products include everything from cereals, snack bars, dips and beverages. | Food Navigator

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