10 Things You Should Know: January

January 25, 2016
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1. Amaranth

Quinoa is the publicity hog, but this other gluten-free grain has more protein, with nine grams per cup. Its mild, grassy flavor makes it a nutritious sub for starchy bases like rice or polenta. | Women’s Health
2. Fermented Foods & Hangovers

Could fermented foods cure a hangover? Next time you want to rights the wrongs of last night’s debauchery, think of kombucha or kimchi. These, along with other fermented foods, may help counter alcohol’s unpleasant effects on your system. | Prevention
3.Cocoa Santé

Cocoa Santé produces a line of hot cocoa mixes, but they are not the usual variety. This premium cocoa line is carefully sourced and includes flavors like Azteca (with vanilla, cinnamon and chipotle pepper,) Kashmir Spice (with cinnamon, cardamom and ginger,) and Nor’Easter (with vanilla and malt.)

4. Cauliflower & Cardamom

An unusual combination, but cauliflower has a sweet, earthy flavor and becomes extra flavorful when paired with herbs and spices. Cardamom carries a unique aromatic flavor that is bright, fragrant, and citrusy—and pairs well with cauliflower. Vegetarian Times magazine recommends breaking the cauliflower into florets and roasting them with a tad of cardamom, honey, salt and olive oil.

Download the full report here! 
5. Desktop Hive

The maker movement is creating easy DIY kits for homemade bread and cheese, but for the more adventurous diners, LIVIN farms are bringing a sustainable, snack users can cultivate at home — behold the first desktop hive that houses edible insects. Though the mere thought of an insect farm — let alone feasting on worms — may cause many consumers to dry retch, LIVIN farms are hoping that their simple at-home solution will convince users to give them a try. | Springwise
6. Hot Commodity

The newest addition to the spicy condiment arsenal is a jar of pickled Calabrian chiles. Bon Appetit first spotted these brined Italian hot peppers in restaurant kitchens, and now there is always a jar in their fridges. Their bright, vinegary bite and smooth texture mean they’re suitable for just about any dish. They recommend sautéing them with a little garlic and some bitter greens for a no-brainer pasta sauce. | Bon Appetit
7. Spirulina Moves to the Beverage Aisle

The brand smart-chimp moved spirulina from the supplement section to the beverage aisle with the introduction of their bright blue beverage. Described as a drink packed with antioxidants from fresh spirulina extract, finely sparkling spring water, organic lemon and wild berries. | Beverage Daily
8. Bacon of the Sea

Scientists at Oregon State University have found that antioxidant packed dulse seaweed (sold in health food stores) tastes just like bacon when it’s fried. Researchers aim to have dulse chips on supermarket shelves within several months.

9. First Organic QSR

The Bay Area based restaurant, The Organic Coup, is the first certified organic fast food restaurant. They believe that “fast food can be good food.”
10. Mushroom Tisane

There’s a new ‘shroom coming out of the storied grounds around the Woodstock Festival 1969 site. It comes in tea form, and will hit the shelves in New York City health food stores and gourmet delis this January. These teas are called Chaga Tea and are made from Chaga mushrooms and claim to have numerous health benefits including antioxidants, melanin, and polysaccharides. | Food Navigator

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