10 Things You Should Know: July

July 25, 2016
Flavor Ingredients Summer Trends
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1. Summer Melon & Ham

An unusual pairing that surprisingly goes so well together. This is an obvious play on melon wedges wrapped in prosciutto. Here the melon is sliced to the same thickness as the ham. Instead of “making melon taste good,” it puts two beautiful things in balance. | Cooking Light

2. Puttin’ on the Spritz

Add some variety to your lemonade-and-iced tea routine with a cool, fruit filled sparkler. They’re deft as thirst-quenchers and delightful spiked to make fun cocktails for an evening gettogether. Recipes include: pineapple-cucumber spritz, hibiscus-ginger spritz and a spicy grapefruit spritz. | Martha Stewart Living
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3. Sweet on Greens

Here’s more great news about eating greens. Researchers have discovered that the sugar sulfoquinovose, found in leafy greens promotes digestive health. The sugar fuels healthy gut bacteria, which crowd out the bad bacteria. Use leafy greens for pesto like the pesto made with kale in the July issue of Food Network magazine.

4. Out of the Blue

Blueberries are being spotted in all sorts of recipes and are featured in the July issue Bon Appetit magazine. From jammy turnovers to silky chess pie, with smoothies to start every morning and ice cream to end every meal, let’s go wild with summer’s sweet, tart and bold blueberries.
5. Yes to Coconut

Coconut is great for so much more than macaroons and Pina coladas. We are spotting coconut in a variety of bath and body products touting benefits like “ultra-hydrating” and “deep moisture.” | Cooking Light

6. The Kitchen Crashers

What happens when star chefs invite their pals to tinker with their menus? The answer: all kinds of deliciousness. From pulled-pork sandwiches flavored with curry and coconut milk at Toro in New York to crab and crispy cheese tacos at Galaxy Taco in San Diego the newly brainstormed menu offerings are leaving patrons clamoring for more! | Food & Wine
7. The Canned Revolution

The best new canned rosé wines are easily as good as bottled—and will go places (beaches, pools) where glass shouldn’t. Look for Alloy Wine Works Grenache Rosé or the 2015 Lila Aix-en-Provence Rosé, the first canned Provençal rosé in America. | Food & Wine
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8. Flour Power

Some pastry chefs are buzzing about CoffeeFlour, a naturally caffeinated flour made from coffee cherries. When baked into pastries, the caffeine delivers antioxidants (just like a cup of joe) and a gradual boost of energy without the crash. | Food Network
9. Sniff & Heal

Whether you’re sleepy, nervous or just longing for cookies—there’s an essential oil for that. People have been breathing in essential oils for nearly 6,000 years and now science is starting to recognize the benefits. Some use lavender for getting shut-eye, or lemon to raise spirits—the options are endless. | Health

10. Return of the Sundae Bar

The best new restaurant sundaes take all-American desserts in an international direction. In Somerville, Massachusetts, Sarma tops frozen Greek yogurt with halvak caramel sauce and the Middle Eastern pastry katayif; Juhu Beach Club in Oakland, California, explores Indian flavors with curried peanuts and chai spiced over soft serve. | Food & Wine
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