10 Things You Should Know: December

December 26, 2016
Fruit Ingredients Trends
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1. Chestnuts

Roasting over an open fire is just the beginning. Saveur magazine has compiled a list of their favorite chestnut products. Whether dried, spreadable, ground into flour or made into honey — chestnuts have expanded beyond their humble origins.

2. Kimchi

The fermented cabbage dish is popping up on menus nationwide, with one analysis estimating that it’s offered on 1 in 50 U.S. restaurants. It’s made from a fiber-packed veggie, loaded with antioxidant-rich spices and teeming with gut-friendly probiotics. | Health

3. Persian Food

Kebabs, black limes, rosewater, a tangle of herbs, and rice, rice, rice: these hallmarks of Persian cooking are being newly featured around the country. Food & Wine magazine is spotting classic dishes getting the chef treatment. From salads in Portland, long grains in Atlanta and winter fruits in San Fran — the tastes of Persian cuisine are emerging in new ways.

4. It’s the Bomb

You may have to work a little to enjoy this superfood, but the fruits of your labor will yield a wonderful prize: tart, gemlike seeds with antioxidants, fiber and potassium. The December issue of Martha Stewart magazine provides tips and tricks to seeding and juicing pomegranates and a recipe for pomegranate molasses.

5. Growing Grains

In the past five years, ancient grains have been embraced by chefs and consumers alike and we are spotting them in new product introductions and on the menu. Kamut, sorghum and millet show the most growth for ancient grains on restaurant menus from 2015-2016 according to Datassential.

6. Dessert Hummus

Delighted By has launched a sweet twist on the internationally popular chickpea spread and it’s unlike any hummus you have ever seen before. Flavors include: chocolate chip, brownie-batter, snickerdoodle, orange dreamsicle and vanilla bean. | Food & Wine

7. In the Spirit

Next time you need a hostess gift, consider a twist on the traditional bottle of wine. Tipsy Scoop blends the magic of an artisanal, hand-crafted ice cream with the mastery of a perfectly mixed cocktail and is now selling flavors nationwide. Each pint contains 5% alcohol. Some of the flavors include: red velvet martini, strawberry white sangria sorbet and maple bacon bourbon. | Food Network

8. Beyond Cereal

Quest Nutrition recently launched Beyond Cereal Protein Bars. The waffle flavor is described as: “baked with the sweet taste of maple syrup and the butter flavor of fresh waffles into every bite of this crunchy uncereal bar.” The bar contains 12 g of protein and 110 calories per serving.

9. Leftovers on the Cheap

A new app called Food for All connects consumers with restaurant leftovers at the end of the day for 50-80% less than if they would have ordered earlier in the day. The goal is to reduce food waste and give diners a great deal. This app is still in prototype phase with plans to go live in Boston and New York in Summer of 2017. | Grub Street

10. McDonald’s Table Service

McDonald's is aiming to become more modern and nimble through self-service kiosk ordering, mobile payments, "smart" menu boards, custom sandwiches and table service. About 500 of their U.S. restaurants have made the changes with FL, NY and CA the first regions to adopt the new format. | Fortune

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