10 Things You Should Know: January Edition

January 30, 2017
Beverage Flavor Trends
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1.   Perfectly Imperfect

More than 50% of consumers are open to buying less-than-perfect vegetables. Companies like Whole Foods and Walmart are launching pilot programs to reduce food waste and upcycle blemished vegetables. | Mintel


2.   Girl Scouts

This year marks the 100th anniversary of Girl Scout cookie sales. We are now spotting Girl Scout flavors in non-cookie items such as cereals, coffee creamers, baking mixes, chewing gum and even lip balm. This is a great way to get your cookie fix in the off-season.


3.   Red Rooibos Tea

If you like tea to be as functional as it is flavorful, red rooibos is your new go-to. Smoky, spicy, and naturally sweet, the decaf herbal from South Africa may contain 50% more antioxidants than green tea, plus plenty of essential minerals. Enjoy a steaming mugful, or make ice cubes with it and toss it into a cocktail for a flavor infusion as the cubes melt. | Cooking Light


4.   Cheese Bowls

This deli section find is a cheese lover’s dream come true: the round of parm, cheddar or jarlsberg can replace a tortilla in a wrap—or you can turn it into an edible bowl for chili. | Food Network 


5.   More Vegetables

As consumers are trying to kick-start the new year on a healthier note, we are seeing vegetables top of mind and Google is seeing it too. There was a 200% increase in searches for “cauliflower rice” and a 70% increase in searches for “spiralized vegetables” over the past 12 months.


6.   Super Bowl Spread

According to a recent survey from the Food Network, 73% say the food is more important than the game. Other Super Bowl food facts include: 62% order pizza and 57% drink beer.


7.   Seaweed & Sea Vegetables

Oh kale, how we've loved you so. But a new year brings a new romance and in 2017 we'll be crushing hard on a new green — seaweed. Not only is seaweed incredibly low in calories, it's also rich in nutrients. Seaweed is also a way for chefs to bring the rich umami flavor to dishes. | Today.com


8.   The Golden Latte

The latest café craze is made by mixing milk or a dairy alternative with turmeric, plus add-ins such as black pepper, cinnamon, ginger and cayenne. Golden lattes are popping up all over, including at Los Angeles’s Café Gratitude, Montreal’s Café Sfouf, San Francisco’s As Quoted and many more!


9.   Big(ger) Mac

McDonald’s will launch two new Big Mac sizes in a limited-time offering this year. McDonald’s will offer a Mac Jr., a single-layer Big Mac that is easier to eat on the go, as well as a Grand Mac, a bigger Big Mac with two all-beef patties weighing a third of a pound. The new sizes are designed to entice customers who might want more, or less, Big Mac. | Nation’s Restaurant News


10. Bacon Bar

Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery, is attracting bacon fans with their new Bacon Bar. Inspired by Krispy Kreme's "Hot Now" sign which alerts customers when doughnuts are ready, Tilted Kilt Pub lights up their pig-shaped neon sign over the bar that reads "Bacon Bar." Their flavors include Chipotle, Raspberry, Barbecue, Garlic Parmesan, Fiery (with a spicy dry rub,) and "Naked," or plain, and are sold individually or as a six-piece flight.


Click here to download the full report!


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