10 Things You Should Know: March Edition

March 27, 2017
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1. Tea Time Meets Happy Hour

There’s a new brew in town—and it’s not beer. Across the country, mixologists are shaking up cocktails with a spot of tea. Pinkies up, and down the hatch! Rachel Ray magazine is spotting everything from Pisco & Green Tea cocktails, Chai ‘Til You Die and Tea-Na Colada cocktails across the US.


2. Radishes

It’s time to move the unsung garnish to the center of the plate where it belongs. There are so many uses for radishes, from mixed radish pizzas, roasted radishes and even eating the antioxidant rich greens--add a new vegetable to your repertoire. | Rachael Ray Magazine


3. The World is Flat

Or at least the restaurant world is, because flatbreads are trending. At Tusk in Portland, OR, the made-to-order pita arrives warm. At L.A.’s Cassia, naan-like bread from the clay oven is served with curry. At Pub Royale in Chicago, whole wheat paratha scoops up paneer. They’re all a blank canvas, if a blank canvas were made for dipping. | Bon Appétit


4. Spoonful of Comfort

If you can’t mail a hug, this is the next best thing. Warm, thoughtful, and delightfully personal, this ready-to-eat meal is like sending love by the ladle. For $69, you are able to wow the ones you love with a complete meal—delivered right to their door. It include soup, rolls, cookies and soup ladle.

5. Hip Chickpeas

This humble legume is hot stuff, used in everything from dips to snacks to pasta and mayonnaise. In a March issue of parade magazine, they recommend trying Banza Chickpea Pasta or Saffron Road ChickBean Crisps.


6. Cricket Pasta

Insects jump into new category. Bugeater Foods produces Cricket-Enhanced Pasta, an attempt to make cricket flour more palatable for the American palate. The pasta looks like a whole grain noodle and is said to have a nutty flavor. | TrendFire


7. Buzzworthy: Honey

The sweet stuff has been used in beauty routines since ancient times, and for good reason. Honey is packed with healthy enzymes and Health magazine is spotting honey in everything from shampoo, facial oils and even shower creams. 


8. Up Your Nut Butter Game

Flavorful new blends incorporate savory spices, antioxidant rich fruit, probiotics and more—without tons of added sugar. Health magazine highlights espresso almond butters, chai spice nut butters, peanut butter with fiery spices, super fruits with sunflower seeds and chocolate, and plant proteins with probiotics and almond butter.


9. Plant Based Ice Cream

Seattle-based ice cream scoop shop, Frankie & Jo's, produces plant-based ice cream. The process involves sprouting a raw cashew nut overnight, producing milk from it the next day, then using that fresh nut milk to churn into ice cream a few hours later. They produce everyday favorites like Chocolate Date, and monthly seasonal flavors like Big Sur (spirulina, chamomile). | TrendFire

10. Organic Fast Food

The very first Nic’s Organic Fast Food is opening in Chicago with their very own mascot Farmer Nic who wants to tell customers about the virtues of eating organic foods. They are serving burgers and fries with the goal of creating a cleaner version of the fast food many Americans grew up eating. | Eater


Click here to download the full report!


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