10 Things You Should Know: April

April 24, 2017
Beverage Consumer Trends
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1. Cold Brew Latte Dessert Bars

Trader Joe’s just took cold brew coffee to a whole new level with their dessert bars. Crafted with an adult’s taste buds in mind—coffee takes center stage. It’s like a well-crafted latte from your neighborhood coffeehouse, frozen on a stick. | Trader Joe’s

2. Extra Cheese

Americans seem to love eating mac and cheese at restaurants just as much as they do at home: mentions of the dish on menus rose 33% in the US over the past 5 years. | Technomic

3. Cereal Meets Cocktails

From coast to coast, restaurants & bars are blending kid cereals with adult liquors. Seattle-based Bookstar Bar & Café offers The Apple Jack: milk, tea, orange juice and whiskey with ground Apple Jacks. At LA’s Nighthawk, they sell the popular Cinnamon Toast Crunch & Rum made with cereal-infused milk. And at Sable Kitchen & Bar in Chicago, the Cereal Circle combines sherry, brandy, simple syrup and Cheerios. | TrendFire

4. Spaghetti Doughnuts...
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...Are a real thing! The newest entry in the world of brilliant food mash-ups comes courtesy of Pop Pasta in New York City. The doughnuts combine a popular Neapolitan dish, frittata di spaghetti—leftover pasta tossed with beaten eggs and then fried with doughnuts. They are available in a variety of flavors, including garlicky aglio e oilo, classic red and even a meaty Bolognese version. | Tasting Table

photo courtesy of Pop Pasta

5. Think Pink

Keep your eyes on the produce aisle: Del Monte has just earned FDA approval to sell a new, pink fleshed pineapple. The rose-colored fruit is extra-sweet just like its yellow predecessor. | Food Network

6. Giant Milkshakes

Giant milkshakes have been all the rage since last year, but newcomer Buns Bar in Manhattan is making it their own way, serving a milkshake in a 25-ounce glass fully covered in icing and candy turning each milkshake into an edible piece of art. | Circa

7. Passion Fruit

Passion Fruit is showing growth in new product introductions with 39% growth from 2015-2016 in North America. We are spotting this tropical treat in yogurt, juices and teas. | Mintel GNPD

8. Cherry Pie a la Mode

Starbucks in Japan is offering a unique seasonal offering this spring in addition to its cherry blossom-flavored beverages. Available only for a limited time, the new American Cherry Pie Frappuccino is a creamy, vanilla based drink that features a sweet, American style pie filling. More than that, the sugary treat is topped with a scrumptious pie crust shaped just like the café’s plastic domed lids. | Hypebae
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9. Join the Bee Team

A handful of companies are doing their part to support bee-helping organizations from donating proceeds and sending wildflowers seeds to homes. Annie’s Organic Mac & Bees claims to help pollinators; Cheerios is sending wildflower seeds to consumers; and Money on Honey Wildflower Honey Caramels helping fund research on honeybee health. | Rachael Ray

10. Malk

The new dairy alternative “milk” product on the block is Malk, made from sprouted nuts. Flavors include Maple Pecan and Vanilla Almond. Malk claims to have “no artificial anything,” made with six ingredients or less and is free of lactose, dairy, gluten and soy. | malkorganics.com
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