The Clean Report: 7 Consumer Trends That Will Define What's Next

June 13, 2017

Clean Products On Your Mind?

Us Too.

And lately, we’ve learned a few things we’d like to share. We as an industry must meet the consumer where they need us, and deliver what they want most — clean products — and we must do so with confidence. Join us as we explore where the consumer has been, where they will be and where our opportunity lies.

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Built on Trust

Consumers demand trust more than ever. Let’s take a look at how consumers are getting info, and what they expect from food companies.

Power to the People

Self-advocacy and endless options – how is consumers’ newfound power affecting your product development?

Rebalancing the Ratio

More people are balancing processed food with what they consider fresh and natural. Let’s look at the impact.

Purchased on Principle

To some consumers, social responsibility ties closely with clean label. How are you making them feel?

Seek and Avoid

Higher protein, reduced sugar, and label claims, oh my!

One Size Does Not Fit All

Individuality is essential, and there’s nothing more personal than food.

Taste Reigns Supreme

Outweighing all other considerations, food has to taste good.