10 Things You Should Know: February

February 26, 2018
Ingredients Trends 10-Things
Veggie milk, flavor dustings, a shroom boom, enterprising teens – plus so much more! It’s the 10 Things You Need to Know This Month, coming at you.
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1. Milk Made from Vegetables

A veggie-based milk that claims to not taste or look like vegetables. Veggemo is said to have the smoothness and creaminess of 2% dairy milk, and is rich in calcium and Vitamin D, provides 6 grams of protein per serving, and is an excellent source of B12. | Veggemo.com

2. Sweet Potato Toast

Move over avocado, sweet potato is the new toast in town. Sub sweet potato for bread and cook it in the toaster! The options are endless, with pairings like raspberry & cream cheese, tuna & avocado, apple & smoked gouda and even banana & chocolate.
| EatingWell

3. Hot, hot, hot!

A new chile called Pepper X has just dethroned the Dragon’s Breath chile as the spiciest in the world. The new heat-packer measures over 3 million Scoville units (a jalapeno is just 10,000) and is currently available in the form of a hot sauce named The Last Dab. Try it at your own risk! | Food Network

4. A Little Bubbly

Americans are drinking nearly 170 million gallons of sparkling water each year, and sales have gone up 42 percent over the past five years with no signs of slowing down. There’s even a restaurant in Boston offering a $40 flight of limited-edition seltzers. Have you jumped on the sparkling water bandwagon? | NPR

5. Fresh Powder

It used to be all about the swoosh—the swipe of sauce on a plate that lent restaurant dishes a dramatic look. Perhaps you’ve noticed chefs’ newest method for presenting a photo ready finish: flavored dusts blanketing the plate, from spirulina showered across salads to pulverized dried mint shrouding desserts. Have you spotted flavor dustings while dining out? | Bon Appetit

6. E6PR

A startup company called E6PR has created an Eco Six Pack Ring for soda and beer cans that is made of wheat and barley, which means that, in addition to simply breaking down, it can also be eaten by animals and humans without causing health problems. | Genius Kitchen

7. ACV

Apple cider vinegar has definitely created a following with consumers in search of good health. Taking the drink beyond just a shot in the morning, you can now be add it to your beauty regimen as well. dpHUE has introduced an Apple Cider Vinegar Scalp Scrub made with avocado oil and aloe vera to help keep your scalp healthy as well. | Allure

8. WeFood

Over 1/3 of all food produced in the world is thrown away because it is out of date—but most of the time it is still edible. WeFood, a supermarket in Denmark, is doing their share in reducing food waste by only selling out-of-date food at prices that consumers can afford. Do you know a supermarket that does this? |Sprout Pencil

9. ’Shroom Boom

Specialty food makers are championing the umami flavor and functionality of fungus in new products. At the Winter Fancy Food Show, mushrooms were showcased in unique ways. Products like shiitake mushroom organic beef patties, mushroom jerky and a mushroom drinking matcha will be hitting stores soon. | Food Business News

10. Teens Open Coffee Shop

At St. Louis Park High School in Minnesota, some enterprising teens are working to create a haven away from schedules and bells by opening their own coffee shop. Students are currently raising funds for The Nest, which they plan to launch in September 2018. They want it to be more than just coffee and will serve as a performance space and provide employment to students. | Iconoculture

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