10 Things You Need to Know: April

April 27, 2018
Trends 10-Things
Where's the beef? In your potato chips! That, plus golden beet cocktails, glittery gum, mushroom everything and edible spiders. It's the 10 Things You Need to Know for April, coming at you.

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1.  Mushroom “Enhanced”

Mushroom products and foods “enhanced” with mushroom powders are filling supermarket shelves. We are spotting everything from Mushroom Coffee Mix, Mushroom Kettle Chips, Kombucha, Chocolate Elixirs and even granola bars. Have you spotted any of these? | Cooking Light

2. Golden Beets

Love them or hate them, beets are earning a second look especially in the Golden Beet Bloody Mary. Cooking Light is giving this brunch-time beverage a makeover and combining golden beets & yellow tomatoes. It delivers on all fronts: brisk & bold with perfect does of tang. Cheers to beets at brunch!

3. Edible Banana Peel

Invented by agricultural research firm D&T Farm, the Mongee Banana’s edible peel was created by slowly cooling the banana’s growth cells to -60°C (-76°F) before thawing them. To eat the banana, consumers are encouraged to wait for brown spots to appear before consumption. Reviewers have said that the peel is very thin and has a similar texture to the inside of the banana. | Mintel

4. Breakfast for 1

Soon all our meals will be in mugs! Mrs. Butterworth’s just launched their Breakfast for 1 which are pancakes in a mug, that serve one. Ready in just over a minute, these quick breakfasts are available in original, confetti and cinnamon roll. Top them with syrup and you are good to go!

[caption id="attachment_2459" align="alignnone" width="250"] Source: Hyvee.com[/caption]

5. Lettuce, Tomato & Tarantula?

A North Carolina restaurant has topped one of its burgers with a whole (roasted) tarantula, and people are actually entering a lottery to win the chance to eat one. The Tarantula Burger is the creation of Bull City Burger and Brewery in North Carolina, which is serving the eight-legged LTO as part of its annual Exotic Meat Month promotion. Will you be entering the lottery? | The Daily Meal

6. Cheese Tea

Sorry, bubble tea, but there’s a new hot drink coming to town: cheese tea. It all starts with milk tea, then a head of whipped cream cheese is added—like a frothier green tea latte. And savvy Americans are starting to get curious—have you tried one yet? | Rachael Ray Magazine

7. Glittery Gum

New on the shelf is Ice Breakers Ice Cubes Glitter Gum. This new offering is available in a Summer Snowcone flavor as a limited-edition summer product. The gum includes glittery speckles and a flavor described as slightly cooling with fruity flavor. | Hershey

8. Prime Rib Potato Chips

Someone must have been asking, “where’s the beef?” down the snack aisle and 7-Eleven was listening. They just introduced a prime rib flavored wavy potato chip, which is one of the many new unique offerings from 7-Eleven this year. Stop in for some inspiration. | 7-Eleven

9. “Here for a good lime”

And “But first, cerveza” are the catchy taglines in the new Sugarfina and Corona co-branded gummies. One is in the shape of a beer bottle and Corona Beer flavored and the other in the shape of a lime and lime flavored—making the perfect summer pairing. | Sugarfina

10. Impossible Slider

As the rest of the fast-food industry introduces healthier offerings, White Castle is a bare-bones outlier. There are no kale salads or even tomato or lettuce toppings. And yet White Castle is now serving Silicon Valley’s Impossible Burger, a plant-based product that’s recently found its way onto menu at New York’s Momofuku Nishi, Wahlburgers, and Umami burger. The White Castle version, called the Impossible slider, is being tested in Chicago and the New York area. | Eater

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