10 Things You Should Know: May

May 22, 2018
Beverage Consumer Trends 10-Things

Beety lattes, snacking on lotus, Millennials in the kitchen and pancakes for dessert. It's the 10 Things You Should Know this month, coming at you.

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1. Hot Commodity

The makers of Tabasco are celebrating the company’s 150th anniversary with a little bubbly—right in the hot sauce! They have created a limited-edition sauce made with aged tabasco peppers, salt and sparkling white wine vinegar. | Food Network Magazine

2. Popped Lotus Seeds

Also known as fox nuts, the gluten-free seeds of an Asian water lily could soon rival popcorn as consumers’ guilt free snack of choice. The plant produces purple flowers and small, black seeds that resemble peppercorns, which once popped take on a light, airy consistency similar to popcorn. | Food Navigator

3. Pancakes for Dessert

Tillamook is helping pancake lovers extend their eating occasion into dessert with their Buttered Maple Pancakes ice cream. It is described as maple ice cream with real butter, pancake pieces and a maple syrup swirl.

4. Mac & Cheese Bagel

Available now from Einstein Bros., and running throughout the summer, the Mac & Cheese Bagel has just launched—an innovative take on an American classic made with Annie's Homegrown macaroni and cheese. | PRN Newswire

5. Healthy Lifestyle

74% of consumers believe that exercising regularly is part of a healthy lifestyle. Only 53% actually exercise regularly. | Prevention

6. Root Rut

Got potato burnout? Try Jerusalem artichokes, a knobby veggie that looks like ginger and tastes like a cross between a spud and an artichoke. Despite the name, they’re neither from Jerusalem nor an artichoke; they actually grow underground on the stem of a variety of sunflower. Great roasted or pureed. | Rachael Ray

7. Burger or Pizza?

In a recent poll, 58% of men would rather give up burgers if they had to choose between a no-pizza and a no-burger diet. That’s according to 414 Twitter users polled by Men’s Health.

8. Millennials & Cooking

Believe it or not, 63% Millennials actually enjoy cooking. They tend to welcome the idea of cooking for themselves, friends and families with a robust spirit and a diverse approach as they challenge the influences of familial cuisine and create their own multicultural methods of meal preparation. | Hartman Group

9. Nothing “Beets” This Latte

Trendy java is on the rise! Americans spent $3 million on matcha lattes last year alone. The next buzzy beverage according to Health Magazine is the Beet Latte. Beets contain phytonutrients called betalains that have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and pair well with the bold, earthy notes of coffee.

10. Blueberry Lavender

With flowers in bloom this spring, Trader Joe’s is definitely feeling floral with their new introduction of a Blueberry Lavender Flavored Almond Beverage. A departure from the traditional vanilla flavored almond beverages typically on store shelves. Have you tried it yet?

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