10 Things You Should Know: October (Maple) Edition

October 25, 2018
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October’s 10 Things You need to know features all things maple! From meatballs to beer to candy corn, this sweet-but-versatile taste is popping up in new products (and featured in line extensions) storewide. Take a look!

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1. Growing

There is one category already showing growth in 2018 and that is the meat category (maple bacon, maple sausage, maple meatballs) with 56% growth over 2017 in North America. | Mintel GNPD

2. Drink This

For a fresh alternative to popular pumpkin beers, try Autumn Maple by the Bruery. 15 pounds of yams go into each batch with cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice and maple syrup. It’s like liquid sweet potato pie but balanced. | Cooking Light

3. Trader Joe’s on Trend with Maple

Trader Joe’s is leading the way and infusing maple throughout their stores. From their maple butter, maple sugar candy, maple cookies & cereal and even vanilla infused maple syrup—TJ’s is loving on the sweet goodness of maple.

4. Across the Border

A cereal staple in Canada, this year, maple flavored Cheerios have made their way across the border into the US!

5. Candy Corn

We are spotting a twist in the traditional. Brach’s has introduced maple flavored candy corn.

6. Yogurt

A new flavor to the yogurt category is maple. We have spotted two new maple flavored products on the shelf—Aldi Friendly Farms Maple Greek Yogurt and Noosa’s Maple yogurt.

7. Biscotti

If you are looking for a sweet treat to pair with your coffee this fall, try Nonni’s Maple Pecan biscotti. It is a maple flavored biscotti with a cinnamon & pecan drizzle.

8. Boursin Maple Bourbon

Maple has moved into the cheese category with Boursin’s new offering that is described as “creamy & crumbly with sweet notes of maple and rich hints of bourbon” | PRNewswire

9. Nestle & Maple

Nestle has added two new maple flavored items to their fall lineup sure to delight your sweet tooth. Try replacing chocolate chips with their new maple flavored morsels and for a quick oven-ready treat try their Toll House Maple Walnut cookies.

10. More Than Just Pancakes

Drizzling maple syrup over your Sunday pancakes is just the beginning. Epicurious suggests the following: add to salad dressing, sweeten whipped cream, put it on bacon, stir into sour cream, add to your coffee or tea, flavor frosting and even make a mustard.


Click here for the full report!

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