10 Things You Should Know: January Edition

January 23, 2019
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Kraut is killing it; pre-packaged avocado toast; and consumers go pegan – just a few of the highlights from the 10 Things You Should Know this month. Coming at you!

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1. Avocado Toast on the Shelf

With avocado spread and crispy whole grain toast, Sabra’s packaged avocado toast is a convenient alternative to the making (or ordering) the Millennial favorite. | Pop Sugar

2. Katsu Sando

A combination of pork or wagyu beef on Hokkaido milk bread. “Katsu” is short for Katsuretsu,  which means cutlet in Japanese, and you can guess where “Sando” comes from. According to Datassential, this  Japanese cuisine is a simple, yet delicious sandwich that will be trending in 2019. | Datassential

3. Date Nectar

Is date nectar the next natural sweetener? Los Angeles startup D’vash Organics thinks so. The company is expected to sell its date nectar products into 4,000 grocery store locations in 2019. Described as having a thickness between maple syrup and honey, consumption has steadily increasing in recent years. | Food Dive

4. Grown in Guatemala

Guatemala is the world’s leading producer of cardamom—and exports nearly all of the crop. Recently Saveur profiled Amilcar Pereira, a farmer known for his exceptional cardamom: “piney, resinous, refreshing as a blast of arctic air.”

5. Kraut

Cleveland Kraut creates raw, unpasteurized and lacto-fermented sauerkraut. Hand-chopped and hand packed, the kraut comes in seven flavors: Curry Kraut, Roasted Garlic, Whiskey Dill; Beet Red; Classic Caraway; and Cabbage & Cukes. | Clevelandkraut.com

6. Going Pegan

According to Pinterest Insights, the pegan diet – across between paleo and vegan --  is taking root with wellness-focused consumers. Searches for eating pegan are up 337% year over year.

7. Touches of Tahini

This sesame seed paste is going places. Today.com predicts that with companies like Soom Foods releasing new tahini products, this ingredient will show up in “everything from salad dressing vegan caramel sauce” in the year ahead.

8. Butterfinger, Revamped

The classic candy bar is getting a new look and recipe starting in early February. Now produced by Ferrero, the new product will use more cocoa and milk as well as a larger peanut core. |Business Insider

9. Pancake Bread

Not quite cake, not quite bread. Junk Banter describes Trader Joe’s Pancake Bread as a twist on a buttermilk short stack, baked into a sweet, moist loaf.

10. Cider Getting Sophisticated

Barrel-aged cider appeals to a quarter of drinkers overall and 37% of those over 55. The audience suggests opportunities to appeal by a more sophisticated (and less sweet) rofile. Product developers will be wise to draw on quality associations around longer ageing, taking cues here from the dark spirits category. | Mintel

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