10 Things You Should Know: May Edition

May 17, 2019
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1. Coffee Ground Extracts

A start up company, Revive Eco, from Scotland is using recycled coffee grounds from cafes to produce natural oils which can be used as a substitute for palm oil. With sustainability, environmental concerns and food waste becoming more important, this company is proactively taking advantage of this movement. | Food Dive

2. What’s Up with Miso?

Miso is popping up in a plethora of recipes, from noodle dishes to your peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but why are we using this soybean paste? There is a wide variety of Miso forms, light miso, which is sweet and perfect for dressings, glazes and other sweet baking recipes and dark miso, which is saltier, richer, and intense which is great in stews and casseroles. | Bon appétit

3. Mochi Cake Mix

Many consumers now have heard of or tried mochi ice cream, but there’s mochi where that came from! Trader Joe’s now has a Hawaiian inspired mochi cake mix with the great chewy paste texture. |Trader Joe’s

4. Millennials and Gen Z hate Food Waste

According to Grocery Dive, a study of Millennials and Gen Z consumers found that both groups consume less baked goods than they did a year ago. One may think this is due to having a lower carb diet, however 75% of these younger consumers are more concerned with food waste and 20% won’t buy a new loaf of bread after throwing an unused one away.

5. It’s Rhubarb Season!

Typically treated like a fruit in desserts, rhubarb is actually part of the buckwheat family. As summer approaches, consumers usually put rhubarb in pies and pair with strawberries, but this ingredient is getting a little more attention. Many have started throwing rhubarb in salads, grain bowls, cheese plates and even cocktails. | Bon appétit

6. Versatility of Yogurt

Traditionally, yogurt is eaten with a spoon and maybe some fruit and granola mixed in. However, with health-conscious consumers, yogurt is being used in many different ways like under a layer of eggs, mixed in oatmeal and other grains, added to pancake batter, as a dressing, and even as a schmear on toast. | Cooking Light

7. Murdering Thirst

A new startup company raised 1.6 million to create a H2O beverage that is sold in tall boy cans and is advertised to “murder your thirst.” Liquid Death is a new water beverage that stands out for its unique packaging and punk-rock, aggressive marketing. | Eater

8. Fresh Summer Salads

With summer approaching, salads are getting a little creative and are no longer just spinach, lettuce and tomato. Fresh ingredients that can be found in salads this summer are watermelon radish, fennel, celery root, grapefruit, edamame, and more! | Rachel Ray Every Day

9. Twizzlers Smoothie?

Twizzlers released a new product that is a “Strawberry Smoothie” filled Twizzler and is sold at Walmart. This new flavor, that has a smoothie picture presented on the front package, sits on shelves alongside the return of Twizzlers’ Orange Creamsicle product. |Junk Banter

10. Pineapple & Basil

A new chocolate hit the shelves at Whole Foods this month, Pineapple & Basil White Chocolate Bar. One may find this as an unusual pairing, but this chocolate bar is “Pacific-Rim-Inspired” and the diverse flavors make a delicious desert. | Whole Foods Market


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