10 Things You Should Know: June Edition

June 20, 2019
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1. Eating from Defrost

According to Mintel, 13% of consumers say they have consumed frozen or refrigerated pizza in the last three months as a meal at work or in school. In Europe there are product introductions of no-bake/microwave pizza rolls for on the go consumption.

2. Smores with a Twist

This summer, smores are getting creative and leading to fun flavor opportunities for new smore combinations! Some additions to the chocolate, marshmallow and graham cracker are bacon, cheesecake, and even grilled peaches. | Delish

3. Plant Proteins at the Bakery

Brands are catering to multiple consumer demands by adding plant-based protein into breads and other baked goods. The plant-based market is becoming larger over time and 45% of US consumers believe that plant protein is better for you than animal protein. | Mintel

4. Kelp

This ocean-based plant has high expectations from consumers however it isn’t clear if consumers want it frozen, dried or in another form. Kelp, despite the lack of consumer understanding, is still popping up in more products introductions like chips, snacks, jerky and restaurant dishes. | Food Dive

5. Ube Ice Cream

Just in time for summer, Trader Joe’s now has Ube Ice Cream served in pint size. This Filipino-inspired desert is made from purple yam puree, has a vibrant purple color, and has a sweet subtle flavor. | Trader Joes Pro

6. Automated Grocery Robot

At the Giant Food Store in Pennsylvania, they have created an automated grocery robot that does stock checks, cleans floors, and many more cost saving tasks. The goal for this robot is not only to reduce cost but also an effort to show consumers that they have cutting edge, innovative technology. | Grocery Dive

7. Red Bull Goes Organic?

Red Bull is launching a new organic soda line called “Organics by Red Bull”. They have four uniquely different flavors being released: the traditional cola, a sour lemon soda, tonic water and ginger ale. | Thrillist

8. Georgia Peach Truck

By now, everyone has heard of, seen, or been to a food truck but what about a peach truck? Brandon Smith, from Central Georgia, created the Georgia Peach Truck and spends his summer driving up the east coast selling ripe, Georgia peaches to all the cities not blessed with fresh peaches of their own. | Bon Appetit

9. Rosé Berries

With summer here and fresh berries at their ripest, Driscoll’s released a new flavor combination for their fresh strawberries and raspberries. In selected stores across the nation, you can find Driscoll’s Rosé Strawberries and Rosé Raspberries in the produce aisle that claim to have a sweet, peachy flavor with a floral finish. | Cooking light

10. Jelly Belly’s Donuts Inspired

Inspired by the delicious fried dough that we all love, Jelly Belly is launching a new product collection in the UK called Donut Shoppe Mix. This collection consists of 5 flavors including glazed, chocolate glazed, strawberry iced, blueberry cake and apple filled. | Food Navigator


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