Avocado Flavor Insight

June 5, 2019
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An avocado’s smooth and creamy texture can add balance to many dishes, but what about its flavor? Though its flavor doesn’t necessarily pack a punch, avocados have enticed the health-conscious consumer and influenced its popularity increase in recent years. From 2014-2018, product introductions featuring the taste of avocado have increased 104% globally, showing a steady rise year after year. Developers have taken note, introducing products from avocado-flavored milk to the holy grail that is avocado toast. Buttery and mildly sweet, avocado flavor can be versatile as a base or an addition to new product introductions. Let’s take a closer look at various forms of avocado found on menus, social media, and new products around the world.

Avocado Social Listening Summary

We conducted a social listening analysis on avocado covering the past 6 months. An overview is provided below.

  • 72 mentions per minute

  • 74% female - key consumer voice

  • Keywords: recipe, toast, breakfast, delicious, vegan

  • Key consumer interests:

    1. 54% Desserts & Baking

    2. 25% Clothing

    3. 23% Vegan

  • Top Posts/Recipes: Avocado Cucumber Bites, Spicy Shrimp Sandwich with Chipotle Avocado, Avocado Chicken Salad

On Genius Kitchen, formerly food.com, 2,195 recipes appear when you search for avocado. Recipes include avocado quesadillas, ceviche style shrimp and avocado tacos, avocado toast with bacon and maple, avocado pie, avocado ranch dressing, and a mango and avocado green machine smoothie.

Green Goddess Avocado Sauce

The January/February 2018 issue of Cooking Light features a recipe for a Green Goddess Avocado Sauce that can be used to top rice or salad dishes. It’s said to be a tasty addition to a variety of dishes, as well as containing nearly 20 vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients.

Avocado on the Menu: Q4 2017-Q4 2018

2,517 Avocado mentions on the menu

Casual dining is the top segment, with entree, sandwiches, and salad as the top three menu sections with the most avocado flavored items. Entrees account for 34% of all avocado-flavored menu items.

Avocado Curry is served at Vegan Thai restaurant Araya’s Place in Seattle which features creamy avocado, green curry, tofu, bell pepper and Thai seasonings.
Bacon Jam Quesadilla is served with an avocado cream at E+O restaurant throughout North America.
Chicken Chimichurri is made with charbroiled chicken breast, market vegetables, and fresh avocado relish topped with refried black beans, rice, and a chimichurri sauce at BuzzBrews Kitchen in Dallas, TX.
Avocado Cream is served with chips at fast casual Mexican restaurant Salsa Fiesta in multiple locations throughout the US.

Avocado Global New Product Introductions: 2016-2018

6,250 product introductions featuring Avocado

• The U.S. is the top global region for avocado new product introductions with 36.5% of all new products.
• Prepared meals is the top subcategory globally for avocado flavored new products.
• Lime is one of the top flavors paired with avocado.

Top 5 Avocado Product Categories

  1. Prepared Meals

  2. Oils

  3. Dips

  4. Potato Snacks

  5. Corn-Based Snacks

Product Examples:

The Foraging Fox All Natural Avocado & Lemon Mayo: Described as a gluten and GMO free product suitable for vegetarians, The Foraging Fox All Natural Avocado & Lemon Mayo makes a perfect addition to smoked salmon, tuna, and chicken sandwiches. UK

Avocado & Mayonnaise Chip: The YBC Chip Stars Avocado & Mayonnaise Chip is described as featuring the creamy and rich flavors of avocado and mayonnaise. The product is now available in Japan.

Nestle Avocado Flavored Milk: Nestle’s Avocado Flavored Milk is described as being a low fat avocado flavored milk that provides a source of fiber, and B1 and B2 vitamins. This product is most popular in Indonesia.

Avocado North America New Product Introductions: 2016-2018

445 Product introductions featuring Avocado

USA accounts for 81% of all avocado flavored new product introductions in North America. Prepared meals is the top product sub-category for avocado flavored new products.

Top 5 North American Avocado Product Categories

  1. Prepared Meals

  2. Dips

  3. Oils

  4. Dressings & Vinegar

  5. Potato Snacks

Product Examples:

Nabisco Triscuit Avocado, Cilantro & Lime Crackers: The Nabisco Triscuit Avocado, Cilantro and Lime Crackers are described as naturally flavored, oven baked crackers made with 100% wholegrain wheat, oil and salt. The product is kosher certified.

49% of responded that they likely or definitely would buy this product, significantly outperforming its subcategory.

Avocado Oil Infused with Ginger Tumeric Orange: The Neomega Avocado Oil Infused with Ginger Turmeric Orange is described as being perfect to pair with salads, dishes, and marinades. Featuring ginger and turmeric, the product provides great flavor and nutrient packed ingredients.

16% of consumers responded that they likely or definitely would buy this product, significantly under performing its subcategory.

El Sabroso Guacachip: Described as an original guacamole flavored tortilla chip, El Sabroso Guacachips are said to combine a savory corn chip flavor with a buttery ripe avocado flavor.

49% of consumers responded that they likely or definitely would buy this product, significantly outperforming its subcategory.

The Takeaways

There’s been 104% growth in new products in the past few years. Avocado has a 95% positivity on social media. Add to all of this, keto and “healthy fat” interest means even greater consumer interest in avocado. Yet, the innovative products on the market are fairly rare. Does the taste of avocado offer opportunity for your brand? Do you have room for the buttery, creamy (and somewhat muted) flavor – or is your opportunity in a bolder taste?

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