10 Things You Should Know: January Edition

January 25, 2021
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1. Klondike Shakes

Klondike unveiled their new drinkable shake pouches, Klondike Shakes. These new dessert pouches come in two flavors: Chill out & Vanilla and Wind Down & Chocolate. These 4.7 oz pouches just need to be placed in the freezer for three minutes and then are ready to sip. | All Recipes


2. Kibbeh

Trader Joe’s released a new Middle Eastern-inspired stuffed meatball product, Kibbeh. Kibbeh is a meatball made from cracked bulgur wheat mixed with seasoned ground beef with onions, cumin, and coriander and then is wrapped in a breading to be fried. | Trader Joe’s

3. Dessert Creamers

Coffee Mate is releasing two new dessert-inspired creamers, Glazed Donut and Oatmeal Cream Pie. The Oatmeal Crème Pie creamer is described to have cinnamon, brown sugar, and oatmeal cookie flavors. The Glazed Donut creamer is said to taste just like a glazed donut. These creamers are made in 16-ounce bottles and are sold for $2.69 per bottle. | Thrillist

4. Grocery Lockers and Kiosks

As Grocery Pick-Up trends began to soar during the pandemic, many grocery stores are installing food lockers and Kiosks in order to meet this high demand. According to Albertsons, their Drive Up & Go offering grew by 800% in the last quarter which has pushed them to start testing grocery lockers at select stores in Chicago and San Francisco Bay area. | Grocery Dive

5. Cereal Protein Bars

General Mills is stepping into the protein bar game releasing two cereal protein bars. They released two flavors so far: Golden Grahams and Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Both of these bars contain 20 grams of protein and are just over 200 calories. | Cerealously

6. Organic Produce

According to Food Dive, sales of organic produce rose 14.2% in 2020 which is higher than previous years. This increase is likely correlated to the pandemic and the push for better-for-you ingredients. The top categories in organic produce with the largest increases were packaged salads, berries, and apples. | Food Dive

7. Doggie Desserts

Ben & Jerry’s debuts premium dog treats, Doggie Desserts ice cream cups. Influenced by the surge in ice cream sales during the pandemic, these mostly non-dairy dog treats were made for pets to enjoy alongside their owners. The four-ounce ice cream cups come in flavors like Pumpkin with Cookies and Peanut Butter & Pretzels. | The Washington Post

8. Kit Kat Thins

Hershey announces their new Kit Kat chocolate bar with fewer wafers, Kit Kat Thins. This new treat is made with only two crispy wafers covered in chocolate and individually wrapped and is said to be perfect for on-the-go snacking. | FoodBev Media

9.  Feeding the Mind

According to Mintel, “Feed the Mind” trends are rising in the Food & Beverage industry as a result from the pandemic and a greater concern for consumers well-being. We are seeing brands push comfort, relaxation, and mental health on their products. Some examples are Koios Nootropic drinks, Vosges Ritual chocolate, and Gëwurzmühle Brecht Inner Calm Relaxing Seasoning Mix. | Mintel

10. Dirty Martini Olive Dip

Aldi is now selling a Dirty Martini Olive Dip that is everything but the booze. This dip is made with green olives, blue cheese, and cream cheese and is said to pair well with pretzels, chips, vegetables, and even a real dirty martini. | Delish

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