Flavor Insight: Coconut Blossom

April 29, 2021
Flavor Trends

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The flowers of the coconut tree and are rich in vitamins and minerals. The blossoms regrow monthly, and a nectar and sugar are produced from the sap of the flower. It does not taste at all like you would expect ( like coconut) but has a fruity and caramellic flavor. Coconut blossom (including coconut sugar) has been showing growth around the globe with a 36% increase in new products from 2015. Europe is the key region for coconut blossom flavored new products with 51% of all new products. Since coconut blossom is on the novel portion of our radar, this report will also include coconut sugar. Let’s take a closer look at various forms of coconut blossom and coconut sugar on the menu, in social media, and in new products.

What is Coconut Sugar?

Coconut sugar is derived from the coconut palm sap and is gaining interest as a natural sweetener. While coconut sugar does have about the same amount of calories as traditional table sugar, it has traces of inulin and a lower glycemic index and is often viewed as a healthier alternative sweetener. We are spotting coconut sugar being used in baking, sweetening beverages such as coffee & tea and even in flavored syrups.

Coconut Sugar Fast Facts

Contains 18 calories per teaspoon.

The taste is similar to brown sugar but with a less sugary taste.

Contains trace amounts of nutrients such as zinc, iron, calcium and potassium.

Coconut sugar can be used as a 1:1 replacement for both white and brown sugar in terms of sweetness.
“Nutritionally, one difference between coconut sugar and regular, cane sugar is that coconut sugar has a lower glycemic index. This means that it will have a lower impact on your blood glucose levels, not spiking insulin.” -Carissa Galloway, Registered Dietician

Coconut Blossom & Coconut Sugar Social Listening Summary

We conducted a social listening analysis on coconut blossom & coconut sugar covering the previous 12 months. An overview is provided below.

819 mentions in the past year

71% female voice

Top Keywords

  1. Sweet

  2. Great replacement

  3. Delicious

Popular Posts

Twitter: @lovefoodlifego posted a recipe for a Lemon & Blood Orange Upside Down #Cake that uses ½ cup of coconut blossom sugar as the sweetener.

16 coconut sugar articles & recipes on epicurious.com

On Epicurious.com, 16 articles and recipes appear when you search for coconut sugar. Articles range from types of sugar to build out your sugar pantry, a closer look at coconut nectar as an alternative for agave and even a recipe for a Brûlée Citrus with coconut sugar.

Dalgona Coffee with Coconut Sugar

When searching on Pinterest for recipes that contain coconut sugar, one of the first recipes that pops up is Dalgona Coffee with Coconut Sugar. One particular recipe is touted as a healthier version of last summer’s coffee trend, since it is naturally sweetened, dairy-free and vegan.

Coconut Sugar on the Menu:Q4 2018-Q4 2019

Coconut blossom is currently too novel for the menu, but we are spotting coconut sugar used as an ingredient on the menu. The summary on this page relates to coconut sugar menu offerings.

14 coconut blossom & coconut sugar mentions on the menu

Quick service is the top restaurant segment, with entrée as the top menu section with the most coconut sugar containing menu items. Entrées account for 50% of all coconut sugar menu offerings.

Menu Mentions

Caravan signature chocolate with coriceps, shilajit, wild chaga, Arriba raw chocolate, mesquite (white carob), raw vanilla and coconut sugar. Steamed with cashew and almond milk. Featured at Caravan of Dreams in New York, New York.

Pumpkin Bowl featuring organic acai, bananas, strawberries, pumpkin blend (pumpkin, coconut sugar, pumpkin pie spice) unsweetened vanilla almond milk at Bowl of Heaven in Fremont, CA.

Coconut Blossom & Coconut Sugar Global New Product Introductions: 2015-2020

130 coconut blossom/coconut sugar flavored new product introductions.


EUROPE is the top global region for coconut blossom & coconut sugar new product introductions with 51% of all new products.

SWEET SPREADS are the top product category globally for coconut blossom & coconut sugar flavored new products.

Products of Note:

Carob Bar with Coconut Blossom Sugar:  This bar contains carob which is an alternative to cocoa and often used as a cocoa substitute due to raw material shortages. The bar is high in fiber and calcium.  | Germany

Cocosphere Organic Coconut Flower Nectar: Described as a 100% natural sweetener and is low in glycemic index and high in minerals. | Thailand

King Island Coconut Flower Syrup:   Made from 100% coconut flower nectar that is tapped by hand, is unbleached and unrefined. Described as a suitable sweetener for cooking, baking and to simply sweeten your favorite beverage. | Canada

The Takeaways

Coconut blossom and coconut sugar are showing consistent growth with new products appearing across the globe. We are also spotting growth in coconut sugar menu items, with quick service restaurants as the top restaurant segment with entrées accounting for 50% of all coconut sugar menu items. The opportunity for a natural sweetener with a decadent caramellic flavor profile, opens the door to delicious flavor pairings in an array of new products. With consumers greatly interested in living a healthier lifestyle, coconut blossom and coconut sugar are gaining awareness with consumers around the globe. The question is—are coconut blossom and coconut sugar on your Flavor Radar?

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