10 Things You Should Know: June Edition

June 25, 2021
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1. Baked Oats

A trend made popular through TikTok, baked oats are taking center stage for breakfast foods. Baked oats have a cake-like taste and texture made with simple whole ingredients. This means greater consumer interest in quick oats and flavors such as chocolate, peanut butter, and cinnamon, which could translate into oatmeal bars, baking mixes, and other breakfast products. | TODAY

2. Ben & Jerry's New Dairy-Free Options

Non-dairy products continue to gain traction in the frozen aisle as Ben & Jerry’s releases five new dairy-free flavors. These include some of their most popular original flavors, such as Phish Food® and Americone Dream®, in vegan versions. Ben & Jerry’s primarily uses almond milk as a milk substitute, but they also have sunflower milk options. | Ben & Jerry’s

3. "Whole Cut" Plant Based Meats

Many meatless brands have created satiating plant-based burgers and sausages. However, whole-cut meats – think steaks, pork chops, and chicken breasts – are not yet widely available in plant-based alternatives. Recent advances in technology allow companies to create “whole-cut” meat alternatives through fermentation, mushrooms/fungi, and even 3D food printing. | Bloomberg

4. Kimchi

Fermented foods are projected to grow at a CAGR of 6.2% in the next five years. This can be attributed to the immune benefits of fermented foods and consumer concern with immunity due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Specifically, kimchi, or Korean fermented cabbage, has grown so much recently that Korea exported US$46.57 million in the first quarter of this year. | MarketWatch, KoreaTimes

5. Dunkin' Popping Strawberry Bubbles

Already a staple treat in Korea, Taiwan, and Japan, bubble tea (or boba) has become popular amongst Americans in recent years as well. Inspired by this recent trend, Dunkin’ Donuts is releasing new strawberry flavored Popping Bubbles as an add-on to their iced drinks. This product is a fun added textural and flavorful element to iced tea, coffee, and fountain drinks. | EliteDaily

6. Hard Kombucha

Kombucha is a sparkling fermented tea drink that has been steadily gaining popularity in recent years. Naturally, virgin kombucha contains less than 0.5% alcohol and is considered non-alcoholic, but recently, companies such as JuneShine and Boochcraft have turned this health drink into the spiked beverage of the summer. | MSN

7. Cinnamon Toast Crunch Desserts

Cinnamon Toast Crunch is expanding on their ever-popular breakfast cereal and into the dessert aisle. Pillsbury is launching two limited-edition products – cookie dough and cinnamon rolls – that each feature its signature “Cinnadust” seasoning. | POPSUGAR

8. Mushroom Jerky

Mushrooms are a great meat substitute because of their meaty texture and umami taste. Pan’s Mushroom Jerky is one meat-free, Earth-friendly snack made from shiitake mushrooms. There are three flavors, including Original, Zesty Thai, and Applewood BBQ. This classic snack reimagined will attract plant-based and omnivorous consumers alike. | Hive

9. Immune Booster Shots

Consumers looking for a wellness boost may turn to immune support shots such as Lumen’s Hemp Shots rather than seeking traditional vitamin supplements following the COVID-19 pandemic. Lumen’s contain plant-based Omega 3s, healthy fats from hemp seed oil, and vitamins to support immunity and general health. | Whole Foods, Lumen’s

10. Snapchilled™ Coffee

The market for ready-made coffee is expected to generate US$3.1 billion this year, and as summer rolls around, consumers will seek out convenient cold coffee options. Elemental Beverage Co.’s Snapchilled canned coffee preserves the flavor of the coffee by immediately and instantly cooling fresh-brewed coffee without freezing or diluting it. | Elemental Beverage Co., Joe’s Garage Coffee

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