10 Things You Should Know: September Edition

September 23, 2021
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1. Taco Subscription

Taco Bell is testing a 30-Day Taco subscription service in Arizona through their Taco Bell app. Labelled the Taco Lover’s Pass, this subscription cost anywhere from $5 to $10 and consumers receive one taco a day with options ranging from the Crunchy Supreme taco to Doritos Locos Taco.  | Food Beast

2. Snyder Bier

In honor of Oktoberfest, Snyder’s of Hanover is collaborating with New York’s Captain Lawrence Brewing to launch Snyder Bier. This new beer beverage combines the classic pairing of beer and pretzels and comes in two different options: Pretzel Märzen and Pretzel Frücht. The Märzen has more malty notes and the Frücht has passion fruit and guava notes to balance a sweet and savory profile. | Food & Wine

3. Hershey’s Oat Made

Hershey’s has created their first ever vegan chocolate bar, Hershey’s Oat Made. These chocolate bars are made with an oat milk base and come in Classic Dark and Extra Creamy Almond Sea Salt flavors. These bars are available at limited retailers now through June of 2022. | Veg News

4. Chobani Peanut Butter

Chobani enters the peanut butter category with the roll out of Chobani Ends Child Hunger Peanut Butter flavored nutrient spreads. All profits from the sales of these spreads will go to Edesia Nutrition, a nonprofit fighting child hunger. Chobani’s spreads can be found nationwide and come in three flavors: peanut butter, chocolate & peanut butter, and cookie dough and peanut butter. | Food Dive

5. Target Feeds Pets

Target launched a new private-label pet food line called Kindful. This new line is sold exclusively at Target and consists of more than 50 dog & cat foods, pet treats and meal additives. This line is also free from artificial ingredients, wheat, corn, and soy. | Mintel

6. Sparkly Syrup

Walmart launched a new syrup in their Great Value line, Fruity Sparkles Syrup. This new syrup is said to taste like your “favorite fruity cereals” and has a purple shimmer to it. This is a fall seasonal item and retails for $2.98. | Taste of Home

7. Mini Ranch Dressing Treats

Just in time for Halloween, Hidden Valley has created miniature treat-sized Ranch packets that people can give out on Halloween. For $20, consumers can buy a 30-count bag of 0.5 ounce packets of Ranch that is sold exclusively at the Ranch Shop online. | Food Network

8. Jelly Belly Gum

In honor of National Chewing Gum Day on September 30, Jelly Belly has partnered with Ford gum and is entering the chewing gum market with sugar-free Jelly Belly Gum. They are launching this new gum in four flavors: Very Cherry, Watermelon, Island Punch, and Berry Blue. This new gum is distributed in blister packs of white pieces and will be sold at select retailers. | Food Dive

9. Perrier Mystère Potion

In celebration of Día De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead), Perrier is launching their first limited-edition mineral water, Mystère Potion Blackberry. This new sparking mineral water is infused with a bold blackberry flavor and distributed in a green can with a sugar skull on it. | Mashed

10. Grilled Sunflowers

Trending on TikTok this month, people are grilling sunflower heads and eating them. Once the sunflowers have bloomed, they are cut off the stem at the head, dipped in olive oil, seasoned, and placed face down on the grill. Some have said this is a common dish in the countryside of Poland and others have said it tastes very similar to artichokes. | Delish

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