10 Things You Should Know: October Edition

October 25, 2021
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1. Sweetened Beverages

According to Eating Well, the top source of sugar in the American diet comes from sweetened beverages. The average calories that come from sugary drinks, like soda and fruit drinks, is around 24%. In addition to that, on average, 11% of the calories comes from coffee and tea that has been sweetened with sugar.

2. Discovery Box

Whole Foods has a new offering called Discovery Box which contains a bundle of items that the grocery store believes will be trending in 2022. Priced at $30/package, the Discovery Box contains 10 different items from Golden Chai Granola to Ruby Hibiscus Water and can be purchased in store and online for a limited time | Grocery Dive

3. Snacking Bombs

Nestlé announced the addition of refrigerated snacking "bombs" called Rallies. These chilled bars are made with creamy nut butter and premium chocolate and are available in Brownie Almond Butter and Salted Cashew butter. They also made note that they will be releasing a Raspberry Peanut Butter variety in early 2022. | Food Dive

4. Non-Dairy Pumpkin Oat Beverage

Trader Joe’s released a new seasonal beverage, Non-Dairy Pumpkin Oat Beverage. This vegan, gluten free beverage is described to have a creamy milk-like texture and an oaty, sweet pumpkin flavor. It is advertised to pair well with a nutty cereal or splashed into your coffee. | Trader Joe’s

5. Candy Corn Bratwurst

In Madison Wisconsin, two butchers at Jenifer Street Market have combined candy corn with their bratwurst and are calling them SpookToberfest brats. This unusual combination is made with their traditional brat, Oktoberfest beer, and candy corn. The SpookToberfest brats continue to sell out and customers have described them as “caramel sweetness” and “honestly delicious”. | Today

6. Thanks Nuggets

For the upcoming Thanksgiving Season, Purdue released a limited-edition frozen meat nugget, Thanks Nuggets. These nuggets are in the shapes of turkeys, made with turkey breast, and are covered in a sweet potato-seasoned breading. | Meat + Poultry

7. Chlorophyll Water

Following many green juice trends like wheatgrass shots and celery juice, the latest green drink is Chlorophyll Water. Chlorophyll is a molecule that can be found in virtually all plants. Celebrities like Reese Witherspoon & Mandy Moore recently have promoted this green drink and swear by it. | Women’s Health


8. Hot Cocoa Whipped Cream

Two Conagra Brands, Reddi-wip and Swiss Miss teamed up to develop their Reddi-wip Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Flavored Whipped Topping. This whipped cream topping is described as an infusion of the nostalgic hot cocoa flavor with smooth creamy texture. It is 15 calories per serving. | Mashed

9. Elix Cacao Beverage

Barry Callebaut has a new drink mixture made from 100% cacao fruit called Elix. This new beverage claims to support heart and circulation health and is described as a sweet, fruity taste with some acidic notes. Elix can be drunk on its own or paired with other flavors. | Food Dive

10. Christmas Tree Cake Ice Cream

Releasing this November, Little Debbie’s created their first-ever ice cream product, Christmas Tree Cakes Ice Cream. This new dessert consists of vanilla ice cream combined with chunks of their tree-shaped yellow cake with creme filling with red icing and green sprinkles mixed in. | USA Today

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