Flavor University®

You have the food knowledge. Now add some flavor.

FONA flavor experts love to learn — and teach! By sharing our knowledge through Flavor University, we help food and beverage professionals gain a deeper understanding of the creation and use of flavor in product development — hopefully making their jobs easier.

Flavor University courses are taught by FONA’s dedicated and highly-skilled faculty members who are on the leading edge of flavor innovation. Join us for one of our non-commercial courses and learn from the best!

This renowned program is offered tuition-free as a service to food and beverage professionals.

We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming Flavor University course!

Flavor University 2017 Course Schedule

Special Session
What’s Next With Clean – May 15th (LIVESTREAM)
What’s Next With Clean – May 15th (at FONA in Geneva, IL)

Flavor 101®
FONA Center, Geneva, IL – March 13-14
FONA Center, Geneva, IL – April 10-11
FONA Center, Geneva, IL – May 15-16
FONA Center, Geneva, IL – September 18-19
FONA Center, Geneva, IL – November 6-7

Flavor 101® Hits the Road
Fort Lauderdale, FL – June 1
Phoenix, AZ – June 6
Pleasanton, CA – June 8

Beverage Flavor 201®
FONA Center, Geneva, IL – May 2-3
FONA Center, Geneva, IL – October 24-25

Cereal, Bars, Bakery and Snacks Flavor 201®
FONA Center, Geneva, IL – October 3-4



Please note at this time FONA does not  accept applications to attend Flavor University classes from employees of e-cigarette/e-juice, (etc) companies.  Knowing that the flavors we sell are not approved for use in these products, we do not feel it’s appropriate to educate you on their use without creating a possible conflict of interest.


Lindsay Copler, Marketing Administrator