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Consumer Insights

Discover which path the consumer signs point to — and make sure you’re on it.

Hear right from the source what your target audience is thinking and what they’re looking for when FONA consumer insights experts put their ears to the ground.

From kids to Hispanics to health & wellness consumers, we can dig deep, discover trends and motivations and translate them into actionable insights for you.

Our approach is rooted in upstream qualitative research, including:

  • Proprietary ethnographic research
  • Commissioned studies in consumer attitudes and preferences
  • Unique consumer interaction methodologies
Focus Groups and Consumer Studies

We gain meaningful insight on concepts or prototypes by going directly to consumers:

  • Online and mail surveys
  • One-on-one, in-person or telephone interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Online forums

For example, FONA’s K.I.D. Network® program facilitates panel discussions and focus groups with kids and teens to learn what motivates their buying decisions, what products excite them and most of all, what flavors they love.

Flavor Motives®

Explores the fundamental motives of consumers such as image, subconscious, control, and social preferences when making consumer product choices. Then applies these motives to a specific product or brand platform to create a horizon of flavors to address gaps, opportunities and longer-term visions within the market.

Concept Validation

For fast, directional feedback on concepts before prototypes are made, we conduct a review of the generated concepts with consumers.

This process reduces the number of concepts for final development with first-hand consumer feedback, saving valuable resources for ideas with a strong chance of success.

Trend Insight Reports

Provides an in depth analysis of consumer macro trends such as natural, simplicity, and comfort & nostalgia while making connections to trending market products and flavors. These trend reports deliver information and insights that can assist in concept development and inspire new flavor ideas.