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Global Regulatory Expertise

Be in-the-know around the world.

Our fast and accurate regulatory team is involved in every stage of the development process to make sure your flavor solution lines up with the regulatory requirements right from the start.

Up-to-date & a step ahead

FONA’s knowledge of international regulatory influences and changes will keep you ahead of the curve. We can be your guide to navigate the dynamic global flavor regulatory landscape. You’ll know what’s coming and how to prepare. Plus, we proactively ensure global compliance of raw materials and flavor ingredients so your flavors are compliant, wherever you want to send them.

Rapid responses to global inquiries

Need to know if your flavor is ready for a trip around the world? FONA has the tools to deliver rapid responses to all your global regulatory inquiries. You’ll know in no time if your flavor meets the necessary international specifications and requirements – and what adjustments are needed if it doesn’t.

  • Resources at our fingertips.
    • Arielogic
    • European Food Safety Authority
    • FEMA
    • Leatherhead Food International
    • Leffingwell FlavorBase
  • International documentation expertise.
    • Limitation compliance
    • Customs
    • Registration for importation
  • Labeling guidance for accuracy in your selected countries of import.
  • Ingredient review to support natural claims and pictorial representations.
  • Pharmaceutical registration to protect intellectual property.