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Taste Modification

A new take on taste.

FONA’s perception technologies include a focus on bitterness blocking, sodium reduction and sugar reduction/sweetness enhancers.

Bitterness Reduction Technology

Minimizing the negative taste perceptions of vitamins, ancient grains and other bitter ingredients.

Features Masking of:
  • Nutrient-dense Breakfast Cereals
  • Caffeine
  • Proteins
  • Ancient grains
  • Tea
  • Allows a higher level of fiber and grain
  • Allows for the addition of food additives
  • Healthier good-for-you food products can be more consumer preferred
Salt/Sodium Reduction Technology
  • Salt/Sodium reduced by 25% in non-aqueous solutions
  • Non-potassium, non-choline solution
  • No label change
  • Reduction of sodium by 25-45%
  • Label will still read NaCl
  • Taste and flavor impact does not change
Sweetness Enhancers
  • Sugar reduction for variety of applications (>25%)
  • Taste solutions for use with natural high potency sweeteners
  • Label claims with reduced carbohydrate content