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Bottoms up!

The glass is always half full — and filled with FONA flavor! Inspired by your consumers and the world around them, our beverage team will pour their flavor expertise into your product. Collaboration is the name of the game when you connect with this talented group. You’ll have all of FONA’s resources and knowledge focused on one thing: your success.

  • Application and flavor chemistry expertise to deliver authentic and signature flavor solutions across a full range of ready-to-drink, dry mix beverage and shots categories such as:
    • Nutrition and functional
    • Juices and juice/fruit
    • Tea
    • Energy
    • Alcohol
    • Creamers
    • Coffee
  • Complete taste solutions to tackle flavor challenges imparted by nutrition and functional ingredients such as:
    • Protein
    • High intensity sweeteners
    • Caffeine
    • Vitamins and minerals
    • Amino acids
  • Product development support from start to finish.
    • Sensory validation and consumer insights deliver flavors that delight consumers.
    • Market insights lead the way to market-qualified, brand-relevant product and flavor concepts meaningful to your consumers.
    • Global regulatory expertise helps ensure your products are safe and comply with government laws and policies.