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Our Confection team is a creative group of flavor experts with a serious sweet tooth. Partner with these talented folks and consider them an extension of your team. You’ll share knowledge, resources and a single goal: delighting your consumers.

  • Expertise in the full range of confectionery applications with an emphasis on:
    • Sugar-free gum: tab, stick, pellet, chunk, layered
    • Panned confections
    • Pressed mints
    • Hard candy
    • Deposited gummies
  • Encapsulation technologies for flavor impact and long-lasting flavor.
  • Applied technology in the areas of:
    • Sweetness enhancement
    • Bitterness masking
    • Sensation control and enhancement
  • Product development support from start to finish.
    • Sensory and consumer insights deliver consumer preferred flavors.
    • Market insights lead the way to market-qualified, brand-relevant, and consumer-validated new product concepts.
    • International regulatory expertise to help you manage and expand your global product portfolios.