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Healthcare - Over the Counter & Supplements

Lose the “eewww.”

A product that meets their health needs AND tastes good? Consumers will remember that one! Our OTC/Pharma team members are experts at developing flavor solutions for serious taste challenges. They can help you lose the “eewww” that comes with active ingredients — giving you a new reason to stand out from the other guys.

  • Full range of flavors systems for all consumer focus areas such as kids and Boomers:
    • Liquid dose
    • Solid dose
    • Alternative delivery system
  • Taste modification technologies and expertise.
  • Fast and accurate regulatory service keeps projects on track.
  • Technical support programs help find your flavor fast.
  • Regulatory expertise to fit your product into your global plan.
  • Education opportunities for developers and marketers on the role flavor can play in healthcare products and how it can benefit the bottom line.