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Flavors to Savor

Our team of savory flavor specialists will deliver the flavors you desire and the experiences your consumers crave. Collaborate with this talented crew and you’ll have all of FONA’s strength and knowledge behind you — moving your project forward toward shared success.

  • Full range of savory flavor systems for prepared foods, specializing in:
    • Soups
    • Side of plate products
    • Sauces & dressings
    • Culinary products
  • Full range of vegetarian flavors to meet consumer expectations.
  • Ability to add complexity and authenticity to manufactured foods.
  • Culinary science knowledge delivers gold standard tastes.
  • Market and consumer insight programs lead to qualified new product concepts, saving you time and money.
  • Education opportunities for developers and marketers on the role flavor can play in their products and how it can benefit the bottom line.