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Living Our Values, Vision & Mission

Living Our Values

FONA is founded on seven core values:

  • Doing the Right Thing
  • Partner-Centricity
  • Relentless Pursuit of Excellence
  • Stewardship
  • Forward Thinking
  • Generosity
  • Corporate Excellence

These values, our mission and our vision are a constant compass on our quest for excellence. They explain who we are, where we are going, and the resources, commitments and values that will get us there. Our principle-centered decision making, personal accountability and focus on achieving excellence are the essence of our culture. It’s these qualities, and the actions they drive, that distinguish FONA from our competition and general business community.

Our Vision

FONA will be the leader in the flavor industry acknowledged for our relentless pursuit of EXCELLENCE that translates to customer growth, employee growth and business growth. We will be the chosen and preferred partner for our target customers and markets and will earn this distinction through our industry-leading customer collaboration, support and focus. The FONA brand will be synonymous with EXCELLENCE as conveyed in each and every experience. The FONA brand will be synonymous with innovation and industry-leading business models.

Our Mission

FONA grows and connects our people, our customers, our brands, our businesses and our communities through our commitment to GROWTH and EXCELLENCE.

FONA International is focused on delivering high-value taste, technology and manufacturing solutions that grow consumer acceptance and grow brand preference and loyalty for our target customers in the areas of Beverage, Confection, Grain, Savory, Healthcare, Dairy/Dessert. We endeavor to establish high-touch, collaborative, integrated partnerships with willing, able and growing customers through our solution-focused business units, strategic platforms and world-class sales team. Our strategic focus is to support our customers internationally while also proactively pursuing select opportunities where we can duplicate our value and success. We accomplish this through the establishment of a culture that is centered around core values, committed to excellence, identifies and strives to apply of the best management practices and processes and hires and develops world-class talent. This winning approach fuels our consistent high growth and creates the profitability necessary to fund our continued expansion.