Ocean’s 13 Sushi delivers new flavor combinations

November 28, 2012

My husband and I were told by a few friends that we had to try eating at Swordfish in Batavia, IL. We were also told that they had “different” sushi. We weren’t really sure what “different” meant, but we were intrigued enough to go there. And after just reading the menu, we understood what everyone meant by “different!”

Some of their Specialty Maki items were called Terminator, Smoky Bear, Dirty Old Man, Moon River and Ocean’s 13. The Ocean’s 13 caught my eye with tuna, salmon, super white tuna, snapper, avocado, jalapenos, cilantro and wasabi sauce. I have never had sushi with jalapenos and cilantro before. These ingredients gave the sushi a little twist that I was pleasantly surprised by. It still had the traditional taste along with some Mexican flare.  

My husband ended up getting something a little more mainstream, but we both enjoyed it and will be returning to try a few more things like Smoky Bear and Moon River in the near future. I wonder what new flavor combinations I’ll discover next time?