Tradition of Fun

January 14, 2013

You THOUGHT the holidays were behind you, but not so fast! Due to operator error, this lovely blog post written by our HR department was not posted when it should have been. Upon its discovery, brushing it aside would not have been the festive thing to do, so instead, I’m posting it today with a big “whoops,” and apology to HR, and a belated “Happy Holidays!” to all of our readers!


Tradition of Fun

This time of year makes me think of traditions. Things like eggnog while decorating the Christmas tree, baking cookies ONLY while playing Christmas music (they don’t turn out right if you don’t. Really.), spending time with family willingly or perhaps unwillingly. Traditions we look forward to all year, which make our holidays special.

Here at FONA, we have our own traditions. These traditions occur year round, but one of the most fun is our December Employee Meeting. Employee Meetings happen every month around here, but December’s has an entirely different feel. December is about letting loose and having fun. It’s a chance for everyone to really showcase their creativity with stories, skits, music, and videos all about FONA.

This year, the fun and creativity spilled over! Laughter filled the halls as each department plotted and schemed, scheduled, and attempted to keep their plans a secret. The big unveiling of each project at the Employee Meeting was met with laughter and cheers. From Quality’s version of a Night Before Christmas to Operation’s SNL parody, not to mention several references to Gangnam Style, the fun didn’t end. The favorites were discussed long after the meeting over a lovely holiday lunch complete with gifts to keep us warm through the upcoming winter. (FONA blankets for everyone!)

These traditions mean a lot to us at FONA, and we’d like to share them with you. We hope you enjoy a snapshot of our tradition and have a wonderful holiday with those close to you.