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June 29, 2015
Beverage Dessert Flavor Fruit Ingredients Summer Trends

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Frozen Flavors

Popshop, an artisan ice pop company takes the classic Popsicle up a notch. Popshop pops are hand-made with organic sugar and farmers’ market seasonal produce wrapped up in a compostable wrapper. Interesting flavors on the menu include Amaretto White Peach, Chili Chocolate, Lychee Peachy, Persimmon Pudding, Nectarine Almond, Avocado Lime and Lemon Basil. | PopShop

Artisan Salts

The movement of artisan salts has sparked several companies across the country taking advantage of their local waters: Alaska Pure Sea Salt Co. produces thin-flaked, sea salt flavored with local Sitka spruce. Maine Sea Salt Co. is known for its hickory-smoked sea salt that comes from Maine’s Buck Harbor. Lightly Salted’s sea salt is created using the Pacific Ocean and flavored with seaweed from nearby beaches. | Food & Wine

Drinkable Plants

Step aside coconut, there’s a new water in town. Bamboo water is one of the most recent plant waters to hit the market offering a low calorie, low sugar, sodium-free option for hydration. Its unique quality is its distinguishing nutrient, silica (essential in creating a maintaining structural support in the body).  Bamboo Beverages Bamboo Water is made using a cold-press extraction process which utilizes the plant leaves that are normally discarded during harvest. | DrinkBamboo, Mintel

Dessert-Inspired Coffee

Starbucks recently introduced a line of blended beverages inspired by customers’ favorite desserts. The indulgent mix of flavors includes: Cinnamon Roll, Lemon Bar, Caramel Cocoa Toffee, Red Velvet Cake, Cupcake and Cotton Candy. In a current voting survey, on, Caramel Cocoa Toffee is in the lead for the fan favorite flavor. | Starbucks

Morning Heat

The Bacon & Chicken Waffle on the menu at Chicago Waffles features an in-house made, spicy syrup. The recipe includes a combination of roasted ancho chili peppers and red chili flakes which is then steeped and strained from a sweet heat experience in the A.M. | Chicago Waffles

Fig Flare

Figs are in season! Pair them with your next recipe to add a seasonal flare. Bon appétit suggests Fig & Thyme Jam, Sweet & Salty Fig Toast, Fig & Goat Cheese Pizza, Pickled Fig, Robiola & Pistachio Oil Crostini, Cornmeal Crepes with Figs & Pears and Radicchio Salad with Beans, Figs & Walnuts.

Creative Flavor Spotting

Salt & Pepper Cookies with Strawberry Lemonade Jam is one of the many interesting flavor combinations found at Momofuku Milk Bar bakery. Chef Christina Tosi’s inspiration came from her childhood dream to open a bakery. Other creative cookies include Cornflake Marshmallow Chocolate Chip, Blueberries & Cream and Compost which includes a mash up of pretzels, oats, potato chips, coffee, butterscotch and chocolate chips.   | Food & Wine

Health for Furry Friends

The pet care category is touting similar trends we’re seeing in food and beverage. Recent product claims include high protein, antioxidants, probiotics, ancient grains, exotic meats and an improved or unique flavor. Pet owners are monitoring the diets of their furry friends by looking for these claims; 44% of cat owners and 51% of dog owners bought specialty pet nutrition products last year.  | Food Technology

Mixng Up Breakfast

Brûléed Eggs: a technique that involves torching the tops of soft-boiled eggs that results in sweet, slightly caramelized, fudgy-like yolk centers.  | | bon appétit

Top 10 Energy Foods

Looking for a boost? According to Prevention, eating two of these foods daily will provide you with the energy you need: oats, salmon, almonds, quinoa, avocado, lentils, turkey, goji berries, kale and blueberries.

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