10 Things You Should Know: May

May 30, 2016
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1. Salad for Breakfast?  Kale yeah! 

Start your day off with a bowl of greens and knock out half your daily veggie quota. Eating Well provides recipes for breakfast salads starting with kale and including pairings like Smoked Trout & Avocado, Quinoa & Strawberries and Bacon & Egg.

2. Chili & Cinnamon Rolls

Are you a fan of this sweet-and-savory combo? Across the Midwest and in a handful of northwest cities, the pairing of chili and cinnamon rolls has been the centerpiece of local lunches, game-day grub, and community dinner for decades. It marries two quintessential comfort foods: gooey cinnamon rolls and tomato-based chili made with ground beef and kidney beans. | All Recipes

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3. Coffee + Tea:

Good bartenders are precisely the obsessive types who geek out over coffee and tea; some even started their careers as baristas. This helps explain the boom in coffee and tea cocktails. Another factor: increased availability of cold-brew coffee and excellent coffee liqueurs and tea. Food & Wine Magazine featured a recipe for Bourbon Chai Milk Punch in an article called Trending Cocktails in their May 2016 issue.

4. Got Rhubarb?

A cup of chopped rhubarb contains as much calcium as a cup of cow’s milk. Puree this veggie (yup, veggie) and stir into a smoothie or juice to get a dairy-free dose, but be careful of the poisonous leaves. | Taste of Home

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5. Good Enough to Eat

Have you even swooned over the scent of a rose and thought “It smells good enough to eat”? Go ahead and nibble. Edible flowers are everywhere—the flowers of culinary herbs, such as thyme, rosemary, and basil are always edible, as are the flowers of many vegetables. | Vegetarian Times

6. Horseradish

This intensely spicy root vegetable has been playing a quiet yet pivotal role for eons, adding flavor to basic recipes: Grated and stored in vinegar, the condiment was one of the very first convenience foods, and we think now its zesty flag is flying free. Martha Stewart recipes include Horseradish Parsnip-And-Potato Rosti, a Citrus-Horseradish Dressing and Artichokes with Horseradish Butter.

7. Golden Child

Nine out of ten chefs agree: No matter how fancy the menu, there is really nothing better than a killer biscuit.  | Bon-Appetit

8. From Scraps to Scrumptious

Alarmed that 40% of all food in this country ends up wasted, intrepid companies are turning former discards into innovative artisan finds. Company Regrained is creating snack bars from spent barley left over from avid home beer brewers and Fruitcycle buys discounted bruised and misshapen apples from local farmers, trims them up and turns them into dehydrated apple snacks. | Eating Well

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9. Pet Project

Your pets can now enjoy a condiment bar just like the rest of us. The makers of dog-friendly Muttstard, Petchup and Bark BQ are releasing new condiments for cats, too. Meownaise and Meowstard, like the other sauces, are full of vitamins that pet diets sometimes lack. $6 for a 12-ounce bottle on Amazon. | Food Network Magazine

10. Fat is Your Friend

You might not rub beef fat all over your face, but others are! Tallow from grass-fed cows is said to have many natural benefits for the skin, including vitamins A,D,E and K. The practice is attractive to some on the Paleo Diet. Company Fat Face Skincare is making products like their Invigorating Body Butta that contains tallow from grass-fed cows. | Trendfire

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